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  • QBall

    Looking for the QBall mod that used to be on Mplayer ages ago. It was hosted here at one time but I no longer can find the file. Teams would try to get the "Qball" and hold it scoring points for time held. The "ball" was the quad damage.

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    i recreated the mod years ago since mplayer went down there were some like you looking for the mod. One thing i did change was the ball was replaced with the orb light sprite as new players were confused about quad model.
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      Thank You!


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        Your welcome. Let me know if you need any help or even if you want the old quad model back everything else should be default quake physics and weapons. I hope it feels the same as at that time i had to watch old demos and converse with old qball players testing the heck out of it to feel just like the mplayer version. ||


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          If you guys ever get a server up, lmn. I really into retro games now and want to play qball again. It was pretty popular back then like 20 or games going on. I know it was for the noobs, but I loved that game.