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Quake Community looking for players.

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  • Quake Community looking for players.

    Hey guys I recently founded The U.S. Quake Community. We are hosting multiple events every week for Quake 1, Quake 3, and Doom. We have our own QuakeWorld FFA and CTF servers as well as our own Doom 2 FFA and CO-OP servers. I want to gather all the Quake players together into one place to play. If you are interested in playing please join us at we would love to have you. Also we are not exclusive to just NA if you are EU you can still play with us.

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    [QUOTE=NationwideMoose;n279613]U.S. Quake Community./QUOTE]

    You had me at "U.S. Quake Community."

    Now lets hope my ancient quake skills translate into a whole new game! XD

    Do we still rocketjump? Or did we get those jet pack thingies yet?
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