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  • Oil For Quake Servers Program

    Download: OFQSP Custom Maps Easy Installer 3.5 MB

    Connect to one of the servers and type LEVELS to see the list of maps. Type the map name in console to change map. They are all cheat-free, you will need ProQuake Cheat-Free 0.7 MB Installer
    Sometime last year, I and others noticed the large number of Quake Servers from OFQSP.

    They do 13 Quake CRMOD servers in the USA, they started doing this at least 1 year ago.

    OFQSP - All CRMOD Cheat-Free
    These servers all have custom maps available, this is what they are:

    aerowalk, grim, jokeydm3, macarena, povdmm4, q1edge, schloss, skull, ultrav and ztndm3.

    Considering the selection of custom maps, whoever runs these servers ARE NOT out-of-touch with the Quake community. They seem to know what's hot and what's popular.

    So ... who is these mysterious people? Apparently they are BIG fans of Quake 1. I did power Googling and found an old cache of a post stating that they did it because newer games have plenty of servers.

    Doing some more reseach, I found email addresses for 2 server admins:

    Admin = R2, Email is artewd2 -- at --
    Admin = Sschm, Email is ofqsp -- at --
    If anyone wants to thank these guys for making efforts to support the game, those are their email addresses. They have also setup a number of QW servers around the world as well.

    This solves a year old mystery where Bam and I are wondering where all those new servers came from out of the blue: May 2005 - Suroot? Thread
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