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    What Are Location Files?
    If you're new to Quake, you may have been on the servers and heard the terms "locs", this refers to location files. They are saved in your Quake/ID1/locs folder and if you don't have one, just simply create a folder called locs.

    What Do They Do?
    What they do is simple, they tell your team where you're at on the map. This is indeed a very useful tool and these files are a basic necessity of Quake. But they do more than that. They also inform your team of what weapons you have, or what time you pick up Quad for example (generally it re spawns 1 minute from time of pick up so this way you know when to be back to get it). They do much much more as well, here are commands:

    %h - health (gives your health)
    %a - armour (gives your armour)
    %t - current time (posts to your team the exact time of match)
    %l - location (gives where you're at on the map)
    %d - location that you died at
    %r - rocket launcher status
    %x - rockets (if you have rocket ammo or not it will notify)
    %c - cells (if you have lightning gun ammo or not it will notify)
    %p - powerups (tells your team what powerups you have including quad, pent, ring)
    %w - weapons (tells every one of your weapons to your team)

    How Do I Install Them?
    Installation is simple. Below is a download for the location files, it is called "", once you have downloaded this, contained are all of the location (.loc) files. Simply extract (or cut/paste or copy/paste) them into your Quake/ID1/locs folder. Don't have a "locs" folder? Just right click -> create new folder -> name it "locs". Fire up Quake and you're ready to go.

    A Few Examples
    bing g "say_team @%L %HH-%AA %W"
    ( This will say: @Rocket Launcher 100H-200A for example, notice there's 2 h's and 2 a's so it posts health/armor description)

    bind f1 "say_team enemy quad @%T"
    ( This will say: Enemy Quad @ 12:32 for example, therefore you know (1.) Enemy has Quad and (2.) It will be respawning in 1 minute, at 11:32 so get back there! )

    bind f2 "say_team enemy @%L!" (This will say Enemy @ Red Armor! so your team knows where to go! )

    So on and so forth. In the game, it will look as if Quake is always using capital letters, this is not true. You can shift+letter to get uppercase's, but while using location file binds, you must user lowercase in order for it to work while binding it. Binding being attaching it to a key.

    The Newest Files Done:
    ctf3.loc (for you 3wavers)
    ctf3m2.loc (Red Alert done my way, feel free to use or not)
    elder.loc (Ongoing Elder Remake by R00k, we've played a lot lately)
    pigremix.loc (for you 3wavers)
    safe3.loc (new dm map by ziffon)
    damaul1.loc (dm map, requested by Rabbit)

    The download contains 108 files. The most up to date set of location files that exists anywhere. You will not find a more complete set. I will be continuing making location files so be sure to check back for updates to the newest files done. Download all 108 below.

    Download File Now!
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    Don't forget
    bind ? "say_team at %l"
    The ? could be any key that you'd like....
    Mine is the left hand shift key.......which is like this
    bind shift "say_team at %l %a %h "

    Those are the only ones that I know about, I'm sure there are others that may know more.


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      Originally posted by Q -Mark [0!0]
      Hi all

      Hey Frenzy I just saw the new version of your thread... it was good already but now it's real real real great!!!

      Nice work (re)!
      Thank you Mark.


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        Originally posted by Frenzy View Post
        A Few Examples
        bing g "say_team @%L %HH-%HH %W"
        ( This will say: @Rocket Launcher 100H-200A for example, notice there's 2 h's and 2 a's so it posts health/armor description)
        Small typo; the bind should say:

        bind g "say_team @%L %HH-%AA %W"

        And of course, you can delete this post once you've read it.


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          The examples are broken.

          lowercase required, not suggested !

          the bind should actually say

          bind g "say_team @%l %hH-%aA %w"
          using uppercase will fail.

          (later further elaboration)

          all % codes require lowercase ,like %a and %h. If you use %A or %H as examples, it wont convert,and you'll just see %H instead of 100, or whatever your health is.
          When you use

          bind X "say_team @%l w/ %aA|%hH" , in console, end result would be like

          (yourname): @Red Armor w/ A200|H100
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            The examples have a typo, thanks Quaker But they are not broken. I used caps because a small l and a large L look different, and when you type in Quake they're all "caps" so I used uppercase letters for the examples.

            Thank you Mindz for pointing out required, not suggested as far as this goes.


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              Originally posted by Frenzy View Post
              Hi Frenzy,

              I hope all is well and you are getting your fill of Quake

              I must have missed this post first time around but thanks for putting this together in such a helpful and informative way. There's just one small snag, if I click the download link I get the following error...

              Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.
              I'm guessing it may have been lost due to the infamous "site update" from a few years ago ..but can these files be found anywhere else?

              Kind regards
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