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  • Servers Ideas Thread RA/CRMOD etc

    Every time 2 players go to play Rocket Arena in 1 on 1 style, of course others see players on the server and then other extras show up.

    I think a capacity 8 RA server with max participants = 2 (6 observer slots) would be a good server idea.

    There are lots of perpetually empty servers, so it isn't number of servers, but rather the configuration of servers.

    Any other ideas for good servers? - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...

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    Well, if its just a 1 on 1 that is required, CRMOD has INDIVIDUAL mode which sets 2 teams, 1 slot per team, the rest of the players remain observers. This isnt RA/Ca but this concept can easily be adapted to other mods, but in the meanwhile if someone just wants a one on one dm game then CRMOD is the best choice. ||