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Easiest way to get a co-op game started??

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  • Easiest way to get a co-op game started??

    Well let me start off by saying I'm new here and this is my first post on the site. Ok, so my question is what is the Easiest way to get a co-op game started? Me and a buddy of mine wanted to play and I'm not sure how to set it up. I'm running it on a Windows 7 comp and I downloaded WinQuake Recently to run it. So if anyone could tell me how I could get a co-op game started it would be much appreciated.

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    They have this amazing this now called "the internet". Look, I found this while searching it -> Quake Coop mod - Mod DB. NOTE: Requires the DarkPlaces client to run without crashing apparently. I'm sure the guys will give you other pointers, and I'm sure there are other solutions. Enjoy


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      Hi Armagon,

      Could you give us a bit more information on how you intend to set this up? For example is it over a Lan? through a firewall via the internet? do you have a dedicated machine to act as a server? etc.

      You might find it easier for you both to just use one of the coop servers that are already out there? Flanders coop is one I usually recommend but it's undergoing a little maintenance work at the moment and is expected back shortly.

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