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What content used in this movie?

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  • What content used in this movie?

    Hi Quake-Lovers,

    first of all I want to thank all of them who have worked hard on all kind of content for Quake. I growed up with Q1 and today I'm playing Quake on a very high definition level and I'm loving it!!!

    It startet with this movie, I've seen some weeks ago:

    Roundabout I found many mods here, have choosen alternatives but some things are missing ... some crazy stuff ... hehe:
    1. Anyone of you knows more about that super shotgun which goes totally crazy on some point? I think that this is just a special-sound-effect ... but not sure about that ...
    2. The overlay-effect with pentagram ... where can I get this effect?

    I did not have installed the kleshik-mod oder darkplaces-mod because i don't need multiplayer and I'm not sure that i need DPmod, too.

    Best wishes

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    you do not need dpmod for kleshik but both mission packs , you can play it in singleplayer!! (coop is not a requisite)

    Install it, itīs great

    Well i know this game is under gpl but some sounds seems from FEAR, and cthulhu dark corners of the earth ! I'm not accusing anyone of stealing content , but it is what it seemed to me : /
    the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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      thanks for your fast answer nahuel.

      I have installed both mission-addons, because I'm owner of the original versions but the sound is not content of both.

      But you talked about other games ... can anyone confirm nahuel's assumption?



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        Could it be from "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" ???


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          Could you say when, in the movie, you see this?


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            Beginning at 1:35 theres a longer part ...


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              Introducing #3:
              Who made this cool Hud? I've using seven's one at this time vor HUD & Menu, but the ingame-HUD from the vid looks very interesting ... I would give that a try ...

              Best wishes ...


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                Torus, your questions about the 3 features all lead to the same answer. They are part of the kleshik mod and cannot be easily used separately. You would have to rip out the code and build a new mod based upon it.

                1. The weapon which goes totally crazy: It is the supernailgun not the supershotgun. The longer you hold the attack button the faster it spits out the nails. This is a ssqc modification.
                2. The overlay-effect with pentagram: This is a csqc modification.
                3. The cool Hud: This is a csqc modification.

                Dresk is the man behind the kleshik mod. So it is him who made the features. When you download the mod you will also find the source codes and you will be able to copy out all the things you like or build your own fork of it. The kleshik mod is open source so you are free to do so.

                I am currently building a kleshik-style HUD layout from scratch for fun. Big Thanks to Seven for teaching me how to do it. I have the basic gfx layout done. Now I am adding the digits in.

                Crafting your own HUD is great fun and a good opportunity to learn some coding.
                If you want I can share the result with you.



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                  Hi Henry

                  very thankyou for your help. I think I will try to seperate the thing I want and let you and others know about the status of my work.

                  Yes, I'm interested at your work with an kleshik-style-hud for use without the mod. Let me know your progress If you need some help, let me know!

                  Best wishes

                  And the work will beginn


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                    Working on the new HUD was big fun.

                    I want to share it with others. It is even compatible with the new smc 5.30 HUD features. Thanks Seven.

                    Download - Custom_HUD.7z



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                      Wow, looks great on first look!
                      I will keep my eyes on it when I play some levels next time.



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                        Hi QuakeGuys,

                        I tested the kleshik-mod and added some textures to it. The HUD is part of kleshik, the the pentagram-like overlay too (multiplayer) and the super-nailgun too. But: for the special crazy-going-sng you have to select the weapon with pressing the "5" twice ... the weapon changes from middle to right then.
                        I don't know why ...

                        All about I can say: the kleshik mod sounds very cool ... very quake-like because of the randomly played atmospheric sounds and all other changed sound-stuff, monster-changes, elite-monsters and and and... . With darkplaces, well-known texture-packs and some personal fixes in the config-files, you can have a deep, crazy, hardcore quake-experience. It'a a littlebit too fast ... perhaps theres a CVar to change that ... but this could be very difficult because the monsters are better than in vanilla-quake.

                        Lovers of an "untouched" but just HD-Quake perhaps don't like kleshik ...

                        BUT if you would like Coop-matches and you feel something evil growing in yourself ... you know ... that demon who wants to be ... satisfied ... try it!!

                        Best wishes


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                          That HUD looks amazing. Ever since I saw Kleshik, I was blown away by it's sheer depth, and the HUD played into that immensely. It would fit PERFECTLY into Hipnotic TBH. I don't know how hard it would be to make it MP1 compatible, but just a suggestion.
                          Steel Sentinels remake project developer since 2012.