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  • GLPro Config

    Anyone got a config set up for GLPro for all of the client settings (not weapon binds stuff but all the various behind the scenes settings)??

    I wanted to play on some cheatfree servers so I loaded up GLPro but it's very dark and the feel is just not the same as Qrack. Anyone help out a brutha'??

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    c:\quake\glpro -width xxx -height xxx -bpp xx -gamma .5

    width/height = 640/480, 800/600, 1024/768, 1280/960
    bpp = 16 or 32
    -gamma = 0 to 1, the closer to 0 the brighter

    lookstrafe 0
    lookspring 0
    v_kickroll 0
    v_kickpitch 0
    v_kicktime 0
    cl_bob 0
    cl_rollangle 0
    cl_sidespeed 999 // max movement speed on any server
    cl_upspeed 999 // max movement speed on any server
    cl_backspeed 999 // max movement speed on any server
    cl_forwardspeed 999 // max movement speed on any server
    scr_conspeed "999" // increase console scroll speed - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      I still stand by using

      cl_sidespeed 200
      cl_upspeed 200
      cl_backspeed 200
      cl_forwardspeed 200
      If it doesn't work, it won't make a difference! (basically cl_speed 400) If it does work, you'll have an advantage

      here's my config (the important, mainstream stuff anyways):

      bind "TAB" "+showscores"
      bind "ENTER" "messagemode"
      bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"
      bind "SPACE" "+jump"
      bind "`" "toggleconsole"
      bind "a" "+moveleft"
      bind "c" "say_team %l"
      bind "d" "+moveright"
      bind "e" "rune-tell"
      r_drawviewmodel 0; 
      crosshair 0; 
      bind "q" "rune-delete"
      bind "s" "+back"
      bind "w" "+forward"
      bind "x" "say_team Affirmative"
      bind "z" "say_team Negative"
      bind "~" "toggleconsole"
      bind "CTRL" "+movedown"
      bind "SHIFT" "bestweapon 7 8 6 5 3 2 4 1"
      bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
      bind "MOUSE2" "+hook"
      bind "MOUSE3" "rune-use"
      sensitivity "20"
      lookstrafe "0"
      lookspring "0"
      cl_backspeed "200"
      cl_forwardspeed "200"
      gl_triplebuffer "1"
      _windowed_mouse "1"
      gamma "1.0"
      crosshair "0"
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        i been using GLPRO3.5 exclusively, and i know all the console commands for optimum i-net play (if that's what you looking for). i'll hook u up with them if u want.


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          Whoa C*S, you don't use the crosshair?

          paradise, i'd be interested to see what your config looks like.


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            Originally posted by PapaSmurf View Post
            Whoa C*S, you don't use the crosshair?
            I know where the center point is on my monitor. I don't need some ugly + blocking my view


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              xhair is for newbs. back in the day i didnt even know it existed.


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                cl_backspeed 400
                cl_forwardspeed 400
                cl_sidespeed 400
                cl_upspeed 400
                cl_bob 0.00
                cl_rollangle 0.0
                gl_flashblend 0
                gl_subdivide_size 32
                gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear
                gl_triplebuffer 1
                gl_ztrick 1
                pq_waterblend 0
                r_waterwarp 0
                v_kickpitch 0.0
                v_kicktime 0.0
                v_kickroll 0.0

                If back in the day you didn't know it existed, than you negate your argument. No chorsshair is for noobs.


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                  Originally posted by the_f0qer View Post
                  No chorsshair is for noobs.
                  lol wowwwwwww

                  Seriously though. It's obvious where the center of the screen is. But for someone who can't spell chorsshair correctly, I guess you need all the help you can get! DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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                    i moved my crosshair so its dead nuts center. crosshairx, crosshairy.
                    that way you're guns shoot where the friggin + is.


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                      // #################################
                      // ## Environment preferences ##
                      // #################################
                      exec config.cfg
                      exec boost.cfg
                      exec leet.cfg
                      exec servers.cfg
                      registered 1
                      +mlook // Mouse look at all times
                      cl_backspeed 400 // Movement Speeds
                      cl_forwardspeed 400
                      cl_sidespeed 400
                      cl_upspeed 400
                      bind k "exec servers.cfg"

                      crosshair "1" // Turn the crosshair on
                      scr_conspeed 327600 // Console scroll speed
                      gl_playermip 1
                      gl_picmip 2
                      cl_bob 0.00 // Client side movement effects
                      cl_fullpitch 0
                      cl_bobup 0
                      cl_rollangle 0.0
                      v_kickpitch 0.0
                      v_kicktime 0.0
                      v_kickroll 0.0
                      r_drawviewmodel 0
                      pq_maxfps 225
                      bind ctrl "impulse 7"
                      bind shift "impulse 8"
                      bind mouse3 "impulse 6"
                      r_waterwarp 0
                      // Config Boost
                      +mlook // Mouselook on
                      fov 90
                      r_novis 0; r_wateralpha 1
                      alias init "impulse 64"
                      lookstrafe 0
                      lookspring 0
                      // Turn off bobs and kicks
                      cl_bob 0
                      cl_rollangle 0
                      v_kickroll 0
                      v_kickpitch 0
                      v_kicktime 0
                      cl_sidespeed 999 // Max speed the server allows
                      cl_upspeed 999 // Max speed the server allows
                      cl_backspeed 999 // Max speed the server allows
                      cl_forwardspeed 999 // Max speed the server allows
                      scr_conspeed 999 // Max speed the server allows
                      ambient_level 0 // No ambient noises
                      pq_waterblend 0 // No waterblend
                      pq_quadblend .5 // Less Quad Blend
                      pq_pentblend .5 // Less Pent Blend
                      pq_ringblend 0 // No Ring Blend
                      pq_suitblend .5 // Less Suit Blend
                      pq_moveup 1 // Substitute moveup for jump when swimming - quiet
                      r_waterwarp 0 // Turn off water warp
                      r_shadows 0 // Turn off shadows
                      gl_subdivide_size 512
                      alias maplist "exec maps.txt"
                      alias demolist "exec demos.txt"
                      gl_flashblend 0
                      gl_polyblend 1
                      gl_triplebuffer 0
                      alias teamloc "say_team I am at %l with %hH/%aA %r %p"
                      alias teampack "say_team pack @ %l (I have h%h/a%a)"
                      alias teamenemy "say_team enemy @ %l (I have h%h/a%a)"

                      theres the majority of my glpro tweaking
                      my crosshair tweaking
                      cl_crossx -2
                      cl_crossy -2

                      oh adn the pq_maxfps, be careful on some servers like dredd and rage, for whatever reason they limit the fps and you will lagout if it is set to high.
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                        boost.cfg? Does proquake support roids ?


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                          everyone needs there booster shots


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                            I can't believe there's any discussion whether crosshair is beneficial or not. In fact, I don't think there would be if Quake had a railgun or similar. I guess the two main weapons don't gain much from a crosshair, because the RL is typically about splash damage more than pinpoint accuracy and the LG has a very obvious trajectory.

                            Even if it doesn't help much... still worth having on, in case. Just like cl_(whatever)speed adjustments


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                              crosshair can be misleading unless you ping sub 32 imo.