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    omg, the crosshair is very important for RL. Yes, the RL is a splash damage weapon, but there are some very precise shots you can make with it, to get splash damage. Without the crosshair to help guide you, it is much more difficult to make these precision shots.


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      i use the shaft for precision moments, but if im firing at the rotunda i seem to have better splash rocket shots without xhair than with. no joke. doesn't seem logical, but it's true.


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          Ok, I'm new to GL Quake. What exactly do these commands do?

          gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear

          Also, I don't really seem to notice any difference between -bpp 32 or it possible this command line variable does nothing on Mac?

          One more there a way to go in and out of GL Quake on Mac without quitting?

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            gl_subdivide_size - Without checking, I think this speeds up the sky rendering on old Pentium 75 Mhz computers running a 1996 graphics card.

            gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear - Sets the texture mode for rendering gl_linear_mipmap_linear is the best if I recall. Other values like gl_linear_mipmap_nearest have slight performance advantages in rendering speed.

            gl_triplebuffer - Another rendering speedup available on any 2000 or later graphics card
            gl_ztrick - A rendering speedup especially for old graphics card.

            Also, I don't really seem to notice any difference between -bpp 32 or it possible this command line variable does nothing on Mac?
            There is a difference but since Quake uses a 256 color palette, the difference between 4 billion colors (32 bpp) and 65536 colors (16 bit) mostly has to do with how the shadows and lighting are more refined in 32 bit mode --- so it isn't so easy to tell with stock GLQuake.
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              this sets the size of the subdivisions on warping textures (liquids/sky)

              higher values (powers of 2) -> larger polygons -> less polygons to render -> higher fps but lower picture quality

              this can have quite a big impact on maps with a lot of (large patches of) sky/water/lava/slime/teleports even on a pretty fast pc

              if you don't mind the ripple effect on skies in glquake then just set this value to 4096 for best performance..

              mind you, when you change this value, you will need to restart the renderer (reload the map / reconnect to server) for it to take effect.


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                Thanks for the help, guys.


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                  fog settings sticky?

                  I was playing with engines a bit lately to enjoy Quake again, all is fine, just one thing bothers me a bit.
                  Is there a possibility to make the fog setting sticky, so that it doesn't get reset (disabled) when changing level/map?

                  I don't use PQ, but Fitz, but I guess the setting should be similar, if it exists.
                  If I do e.g.
                  fog .02
                  , everything is fine in current level, but not in the next one or if I change the map in console. I tried putting it to autoexec.cfg, but that didn't work, although it's logical if it doesn't work even in game.

                  And sorry for hijacking thread.

                  EDITNevermind, read the func_msgboard info, which I should do before posting..
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                    I don't think it is possible as the fog is either set in the autoexec.cfg, or in the worldspawn (and it depends of each map/mapper)... so on each map load, you'll loose the autoexec.cfg config. I'm afraid you'll need to type "fog 0.2" in the console each map you load.... except if there's a trick I'm not aware of....

                    Also, you can experiment colored fog.. the command is "fog <R> <G> <B> <Density>" with R/G/B in [0:1] range (just use your favorite painting editor, check the RGB values and divide it by 255), and density the equivalent of your "0.2"

                    Enjoy !
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                      obviously, you can bind "fog 0.2" to a key and press that key once, after the new map has loaded.. (just to make it easier)

                      or even bind "exec autoexec.cfg" to a key to re-load all the settings in autoexec.cfg after every mapchange..

                      surely this is not ideal, but it is less annoying then typing the fog settings in console every time


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                        Thx for replies.
                        I played with the fog color settings too before and I like the default color Fitz uses, it's perfect for me. E.G. I tried the fog in DP too, it seems that the default there is black?!
                        Binding works. Maybe not ideal, but convenient nevertheless, nice!

                        Btw, I noticed that if host_maxfps in Fitz or pq_maxfps in PQ is set too high, let's say 500 (probably also less), models tend to nicely "jump" on lifts. Player model also seems much more vulnerable to polygon edges or something. Like approaching the edge of a slope, where he can get stuck and jump is needed or even getting stuck in the middle of it. But I'm likely only reinventing the wheel here. Anyway, I keep it at 100, it's smooth and my el. bill will be a bit lower this way too, GTX260 pouring constantly 500fps is not going to save me money.

                        Thx again for replies.


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                          You are welcome
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                            graphics back in the day

                            map dm6
                            fov 115
                            d_mipscale 40
                            sv_aim 100

                            This was what I used back in the days.