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Improved collision detection for Quake

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  • Improved collision detection for Quake

    Iíve successfully added ray-triangle collision detection on entities (using MDLs) under Quakespasm. Now, after the original bounding box test is performed, you can optionally perform actual geometry test, so bullets can now fly through spaces inside models (bullets can now fly in between the characters legs/arms, headshots/leg shots are now accurate).

    Iíve done so in quakespasm because I had no issue compiling it in windows. The code is localized, so adding this feature to other engines such as FTE and DarkPlaces should be trivial.

    What at do yíall think, is a feature like this needed in Quake?

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    I think this is pretty cool. You should post this on func_mssgboard if you haven't also Spike (FTE) can be found on the Quake Mapping Discord and we have a q1-engines channel there too - you'll get additional feedback there. I also suggest you post your work in r/Quake on Reddit.
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      That's some pretty interesting stuff you're talking about bloodsnipe ,the kind of stuff I would expect to make Quake better!

      Is there pictures or video showing off this feature?

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        Took me a while to get aound to loading a shitty video