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DP + nQuake = Jagged Stair Climbing

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  • DP + nQuake = Jagged Stair Climbing

    Hi everyone. I posted this in server help and it was crickets - not sure how to delete it there as I'm trying now in this clients section:

    I'm running Darkplaces as my client, which is what I'm set on using. When I connect to my DP server (which is NetQuake-based right?) stair climbing is smooth, but when connecting to my QW server (nquake/mvdsv/ktx), stair climbing is jaggedy. If I connect with FTE to QW it's smooth stair climbing... so is this a client issue?

    See linked video below - first time I'm connected to DP server, then I connect to QW.

    Any server or client vars I'm possibly missing? I've searched the web to exhaustion and emailed Lord Havoc but did not receive a response. The jaggedy climbing is really annoying so any help in achieving smooth stair climbing in DarkPlaces + nquake server would be greatly appreciated!