I've been playing Arcane Dimensions with FTEQW and having a gay old time.

I loaded up Tears of the False God and found the transparent waterfalls rendering wrong. You can see what I mean in the image.

What is supposed to be a transparent effect seems to have been replaced by jagged stalactites. Looks like some issue with alpha transparency.

Was running a 5XXX series version (can't remember exact) when I saw the problem and updated FTE version 6082 where the problem persists. I tried changing a bunch of potentially related CVARs to fix the issue but couldn't find anything that helped. Messed around with settings extensively such as changing between Vulkan and Open GL, changing lighting and texture settings but no dice so far.

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 if that matters.

I installed Quakespasm on same machine and waterfall renders fine there.

Can anyone assist or is this a bug with FTE?

quake fteqw waterfall.png