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  • Nehahra w/ DarkPlaces

    I've read everywhere that they should work together. Well, I wanted to give it a go since Nehahra has a lot of good reviews but when I run it all I get is a black screen. I mean, I launch it with -nehahra and it starts fine in the level-select level, but when I enter the portal after choosing a level-skill, it's all black. The game doesnt crash, the menu still works fine, but there's nothing to be seen. I've cranked up gamma, brightness, contrast, I've set the various lighting modes (high, full, etc.) nothing seems to work. What am I missing here? Thanks

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    Hello kingennio,

    yes, good old beauty Nehahra

    You must be more patient. After you chose a skill, the screen becomes black for about 30 seconds.
    You will hear voices after around 15 seconds.
    Thats very normal and belongs to the intro: gamedem1.dem

    This intro is very long (its not the Seal of nehahra movie which is 4 hours),
    but still around 15 minutes.
    And the worst:
    The intro cannot be skipped (as far as I know).

    So what you can do (i do it like this):
    Start Nehahra same this: darkplaces.exe -nehahra +map neh1m1

    After map1 has launched, type into console: skill 0 and then restart.
    This is off course only necessary if you want to play easy skill.
    By default it loads with skill 1 (normal).
    If you want to play with normal skill, dont need to do anything.

    1.) If you use custom external models (like ooppee´s shambler castle ones): They do NOT work in Nehahra !
    You must put a pk3 into nehahra folder with nahahra´s own models to override your custom models from ID1 folder.
    Also put empty .framegroups files in there to override ooppee´s from shambler castle in your ID1 folder.
    Then everything runs fine !
    You can use High Res skins (for example Reforged ones) on nehahra´s own models if you like.
    2.) If you want to use cheats, they are different to ID1´s.
    3.) ALL other bells and whistles work ! (effectinfo.txt, DP water, Lava and Teleporters, High Res world textures, etc...)

    Kind Regards,
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      thanks a lot Seven for your kind reply, you're always helpful round here for everybody in needs! I just dont understand what of the ooppee models you refer to. I use QRP's textures, rygel's weapons, reforged monsters, ruohis' objects, yours dp-water0.32 and nailfix+newfire+footsteps. ooppee's work I use is specific to hipnotic/rogue with his weapons. Is anything of these a problem in nehahra? I saw nehahra has its own prog.dat, that might conflict with the one in ID1 (nailfix+newfire+footsteps)?


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        Hmmm doesn't work with Nehahra? Never tried it. I am going to assume they took the original models and added animations?


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          Hello kingennio,

          If you use only High Res skins for the monsters (without High Poly models), everything will work fine.

          The problem with ooppee´s ported monsters, as well as with new High Poly shambler models
          (from Andrew Joll and FredrikH) is, that they do not work in "Nehahra mode".

          For those of you (like myself), that use High Poly monster models, you will have to override
          them as described above (in 2nd post).
          If you have problems in doing it, because it is not so trivial, feel free to ask.
          I will be happy to help.

          Weapon High Poly models are no problem in "Nehahra mode".

          kinngenio, i see that you are missing one special enhancement
          And no, there will be no conflict with my progs.dat you mentioned.
          It will be totally ignored, because Nehahra brings its own progs.dat with it.

          Kind Regards,


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            Thanks for the help Seven. Everything seems to work now but the HUD is not showing. I've tried both QRP's HUD, MoonDrunk's HUD with no avail. Even removing the custom HUD leaving Quake's standard won't show up. Is this normal in Nehahra?


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              Yeah yeah yeah the HUD.... thats a sad chapter.

              If you use this shortcut: darkplaces.exe -nehahra +map neh1m1
              you will start the game in the wardrobe (hiding from the enforcer).
              You must turn around 180° to see the button and then open the wardrobe.
              You should then see your HUD just fine.
              You will always see it then. Also when you start a map manually, like "map neh2m3" or something.

              If you load a map BEFORE you have control over your character, you will NOT see your HUD.
              What you have to do is simple:
              Bind a key in your config.cfg like this:
              bind v "set viewsize 110"

              Then you can always make your HUD appear (doesnt matter how you loaded a map).

              That beeing said, also try to create a file in your nehahra folder called: autoexec.cfg with this content:
              "viewsize" "110"

              Kind regards,


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                thanks a lot Seven it works!


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                  I feel like doing this.
                  Until now I never answered OoPpEe´s question. I am sorry for this.

                  I made screenshots to better illustrate what the glorious Nehahra Team made.

                  Reading this question in many threads at inside3D as well as quakeone, I know that this is a big big thing on the top ten list:

                  How can the shooting and running animation be combined in Quake 1 ?

                  Nehahra Team did it in an amazing way.
                  Enemies can run and shoot at the same time.
                  No wonder, if you look at the famous nehahra team names

                  But not only this:
                  Almost all enemy models have enhanced moving ability, like:
                  - shalrath can walk on walls/ceiling
                  - fiend can walk on 2 feet
                  - enforcer + soldier can run and shoot
                  - ...


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                    For those of you (like myself), that use High Poly monster models, you will have to override
                    them as described above (in 2nd post).
                    If you have problems in doing it, because it is not so trivial, feel free to ask.
                    I will be happy to help.
                    I'm really not sure how to do this Seven, can you help me?
                    200 años de mi querido PARAGUAY


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                      I will upload a complete Nehahra addon .pk3 if you like.
                      That will override every existing custom monster from ID1,
                      so that nehahra enhancements will work.
                      And still using high res skins in nehahra.


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                        Seven, if you could do that , that would be pure awesome !!!
                        In time, Fire will fade ... and only Dark will remain


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                          Nehahra Overriding ID1 custom Monster pack V2

                          Dear all,

                          I finished the "Nehahra Overriding ID1 custom Monster pack V2".
                          A detailed readme is included.

                          Again, the main purpose of this pack is:
                          What does this pack do ?
                          If you play Nehahra, you have to use this shortcut (example):
                          darkplaces.exe -nehahra
                          All your custom (external) monster models from your ID1 folder and skins will be used to play Nehahra.
                          Now the problem is, that Nehahra uses customized monster models with additional animations/abilities, such as:
                          - enforcer + grunt can run and shoot at the same time
                          - shalrath can jump and hang on ceilings/walls
                          - fiends can walk like a human (on 2 feet straight)
                          - shambler can fall asleep
                          - almost all enemies can look left and right
                          - ...
                          So, if your custom models will be used in Nehahra, the game will have issues and animations will be missing !
                          This pack overrides ANY custom monster .pk3 inside your ID1 for Nehahra, so that the game works/looks as it should.
                          Of course, the original Nehahra models are used inside this override pack, together with High Res skins from:
                          - shambler skin is a team-work by Lightning Hunter + Quake Reforged Project + myself
                          - soldier skin is a team-work by Lighnting Hunter + Quake Reforged Project
                          - rest of the monster skins are from Quake Reforged
                          You can of course exchange them with the ones you like.
                          Put the .pk3 file directly into your Nehahra folder (for DarkPlaces users).
                          I did nothing special !
                          I only converted Nehahras monsters and packed this little pack together.
                          Kind regards,
                          Nehahra Team
                          Quake Reforged
                          Lighnting Hunter

                          DOWNLOAD V2


                          Updated (2014-01-23):
                          Updated to V2 (now overides multi-skinned .md3 models as well !)
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                            thanks Seven!!!!!! awesome work as always!
                            In time, Fire will fade ... and only Dark will remain


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                              Thanks Seven!