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Darkplaces Error Reporting Thread

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  • LambentHammerBurst
    Normal Mapping Issue
    -Textures that do not have a normal map on them - are having a "emulated" normal map applied which causes very bad visuals.
    -Just simply have a model that doesn't have (name)_norm texture with it.
    -Explained in detail by Seven here:

    LH: "considering the optional emulated normalmaps are off by default unless you play with -tenebrae, -game tenebrae, or r_shadow_bumpscale_basetexture > 0"

    So if you are getting this error, ensure none of these 3 options/settings are active.

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  • LambentHammerBurst
    Hip1m1 Door Not Opening
    -Door won't open, even with the key card.
    -Just walk up to the door having the keycard. Most of the time it will not open, you rather have to instead strife back and forth, walk forward and back and then it'd open. Does not happen every time.
    -Initially reported here:
    Seven posted instructions on how to fix it and there's a video showing the error.

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  • LambentHammerBurst
    started a topic Darkplaces Error Reporting Thread

    Darkplaces Error Reporting Thread

    Figured this is needed. Many topics mention a issue with Darkplaces, however this requires LordHavoc to go through MANY topics. So let's use this thread to make them known and to bring attention to them.

    Use a basic setup on reporting them:
    *"Name" of the Bug*
    -Description of the bug
    -How to replicate (even if obvious)
    -Other notes

    So to start off:

    Plasma Gun not firing properly
    -Upon firing the gun, the projectile stops immediately and stays floating in mid air spinning until it's "next think" makes it disappear.
    -Replicating is just to have the plasma gun itself and fire it. Happens in the DoE mission pack but will occur in other mods if you port the gun to them.
    -I did a "fix" that LordH is aware of. However a "true" fix would be ideal.