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    Hip2m3 (The Catacombs) - Vores don't spawn and prevent further progress

    - Bug description: When I entered the room with a horn of conjuring (the one which summons a Death Knight) I killed a shambler... and didn't know what else to do. I checked every corner of the level and finally decided to watch a walkthrough. In the video, the player enters the room where a shambler appears along with two vores. After killing everyone a message "sequence complete" appears and some doors open leading to stairs and further part of the level. When I played, the vores never spawned thus preventing my progress.

    - recreating the bug: Just play the above mentioned level on nightmare skill (possibly other skill levels as well). I did nothing special other than just playing the game. The vores won't appear.

    - notes: of course I can progress through the level using the rocket jump, but when trying to do it the "proper way", I end up in a dead end.

    EDIT: I did some tests. Easy and Medium skills work fine. In the first instance, two knights spawn normally. On the normal skill setting four scrags spawn - also no problem. It is the hard and the nightmare skills that cause problems, as the vores don't appear. Also, I know the thread concerns Darkplaces, but maybe this info will help: the same bug happens in Fitzquake, but the good, old GLquake v.097 works fine.
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      Darkplaces non-rtworld rendering path renders water wrong in case deluxemapping is enabled and dlit is available for the played map

      -Description of the bug
      Well, SUBJ pretty much describes it. Water (slime, portals, e.t.c) surfaces are being rendered all black in case r_shadow_realtime_world=0, r_glsl_deluxemapping=1, r_wateralpha=1 and dlit file is available for current map. Binary build bisect shows that this bug was introduced between 20091213beta1 and 20091219beta1.

      -How to replicate (even if obvious)
      * Use any DP build freshen or equal to 20091219beta1, install into fresh Q1 folder.
      * Install "deluxemaps for id1", make sure your maps inside pak0.pak are patched for water vis (or simply revis them using hmap2).
      * Launch the DP binary, go to console, issue following commands:
      r_shadow_realtime_world 0
      r_glsl_deluxemapping 1
      r_wateralpha 1
      * Start up the new game, observe totally black portals selecting the game difficulty, black water surface under the platform in the "Easy" hallway, black water on the way to the fourth episode slipgate, e.t.c.

      -Other notes
      I believe this bug to be related with changes introduced into GLSL shader between 20091213beta1 and 20091219beta1 releases. All builds from 20091219* and till 20100221beta1 seem to have r_glsl_dump functionality broken, but I had been able to extract default.gsls from the gl_rtmain.c code of the 20091219beta1 release. Looks like shader code had been a bit refactored and the code size from the more recent release seems to be about 1k bigger. Unfortunately it's a bit hard for a person who is unfamiliar with the DP codebase to quickly catch-in into this shader code, but I'm pretty sure the bug should be there, at this changes. Hope to hear good news about fixing this bug soon, thx in advance.

      P.S. Just confirmed this bug to happen on both nVIDIA and AMD videocards.
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        Strange and very significant FPS drops when playing on AMD APU C-50/E-350 equipped systems (i.e., slow CPU + AMD GPU)

        -Description of the bug
        Playing DP on systems equipped with C-50 and/or E-350 APUs is nearly impossible due to strange and sudden FPS drops occurring at some places. I believe this to be DP bug as other GLQuake engines seem to have no problems and FPS drops at that places.

        -How to replicate (even if obvious)
        Very basic setup is needed to replicate the problem:
        a) Standard id1 base + vispatch.
        b) Any DP engine from last two years (I had tested with 2009/07/09 and 2011/06/28; as both are affected I assume that any version in-between also is).
        c) System with C-50 or E-350 APU. In general I think that any entry-level AMD GPU will do but hadn't checked it for sure.
        d) Start up the game, configure it to use minimal settings (no rt-lights, no deluxemapping/glsl, quake-level effects, e.t.c).
        e) On C-50 system with 1280x720 32bpp resoluton FPS would be good enough to play - at around 45-60. Start up a new game and then enter into any of the difficulty selecting teleporters.
        f) There are two places to notice severe FPS drop here at start.bsp. First one is when you just enter the hallway towards the episode 2 slipgate and watch into the direction the slipgate is (there would be a room with pulsing lights and a closed doors beneath slipgata chamber). Second one is when you're near the "water pool" leading into the fourth episode slipgate room. Most noticeable it would be in case you walk upstairs towards this "pool", turn around and watch into the direction where the first episode slipgate is looking slightly downwards then the "centerview" is.
        g) FPS drop level is severe, down to around 10-15 FPS from usual 45-50.

        -Other notes
        I suspect this to be ATI/AMD OpenGL implementation "feature" DP runs into as switching the game into using vid_dx9 fixes the problem. Setting gl_nopartialtextureupdates = 1 also partially "fixes" the problem: FPS drop remains in place but becomes more slight - FPS goes down to 20-30 from the usual level of 45-50. Switching on/off vid_gl20/vid_gl13/deluxemapping/offsetmapping does not change the behavior. FPS drop remains in place, just the general FPS level changes slightly. Turning on glsl perpixel world shading also doesn't fix the problem. Having gl_nopartialtextureupdates affect the severity of the drop and noticing that there are pulsing lights on start.bsp at the places where bug occurs I suspect that the problematic code might be somewhere at the texture downloading/updating part of the DP.
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          Everytime I connect to a server, the screen turns black for a second, and then the game shuts down. This happens on both Q1 and QW servers. I'm using Win XP Pro SP3 with DX9.0c.


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            DarkPlaces will give an error notice if it has any idea what happened, this sounds like a video driver crash, make sure you are using the latest drivers for your video card from the chip vendor (AMD or NVIDIA or Intel) if possible - on laptops it can be hard to get the latest drivers installed.

            Any more information you can provide?


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              When connected to a QW server, v_gunkick (doesn't exist as a cvar in darkplaces IIRC) does not get set to 0 (whatever technique in darkplaces is behind that/causing it).


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                self.items2 does not work as in previous legacy type engines - requires you run hypnotic or rogue mission packs for it to trigger properly.


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                  No shadows.

                  My Darkplaces is not displaying shadows of characters and enemies. How do I fix it?


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                    Set lighting in the options menu to full. And be sure to have the rtlights file(s). But this will bring your rig even more down on it's knees.


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                      Originally posted by grave_digga View Post
                      Set lighting in the options menu to full. And be sure to have the rtlights file(s). But this will bring your rig even more down on it's knees.
                      I have lighting on "full" except I have RT World off.

                      EDIT: Also, I am using VIS'd maps and rtlights are working. Even with RT World on (which cuts my fps in half) I cannot see the shadows.
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                        With rt world off, shadows do not occur, this is expected behavior.

                        You can set the r_shadows cvar to 2 to get shadows in non-rtworld mode, but these have some artifacts due to the nature of the shadowing (bleeds through floor in places, etc).


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                          bleeding through floor is awesome in NetQuake. It's like a beacon when someone camping Rotunda or Quad,as it shows horribly lol.
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                            Whoa thanks LordHavoc, I'll try that!. And thanks for this amazing medium you've given us through which to play one of the greatest electronic games of all time. I know this is a bit off-topic but this is as far as I'm going to go with this...
                            Any performance tweaks planned for the next release? DarkPlaces is amazing, but if it also ran as smoothly as DirectQ does on my mediocre would destroy the world, and you, LordHavoc, would be the god of Earth's new dark age.


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                              All r_shadows 2 did was cause my framerate to dive for no apparent reason =(
                              Still no shadows.


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                                use proquake