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QC,MadGypsy & R00k tutorials

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  • QC,MadGypsy & R00k tutorials

    As soon as this shits all laid out ready to be consumed, I'll be going on a binge im sure.

    More to the point, I like the proposed "Quake Coders Bible" , it sounds pretty fucking awesome.

    Less tainting of the QC post, is why this exists. I wanted to discuss that shit but not cause more issues.

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    Mindz there's always this : Introduction to QuakeC - Xonotic - Xonotic Development
    it's a nice quake reference to any words you dont know the meaning for. ||


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      Imma tell you right now. I learn a LOT from Spike (thank you). Having a beast engine coder that is willing to answer your questions, quickly and as confusingly as possible is a God send (to me).

      My future tutorials will be revealing some of this information. I know that you guys know I am smart and I am a bit co.cky about it. I assure you Spike reminds me how stupid I am (on this subject) often. So I just want to put that out there. As gifted as I know I am, I FULLY realize that my potential is not the maximum available potential for a biological unit. I want to get that out, because you people don't really know me, and I am the master of giving the wrong impression.

      Spike (just now) said to me "If you are still intent on proving me wrong.."

      I was like O.O - this shit is hard enough and he thinks I have the energy to try and prove him wrong LOLOLOL

      anyway, more good stuff soon. And no, It was not a typo when I said "as confusingly as possible". That was accurate. I like it. It keeps me on my toes and thinking.

      Actually, Imma tell you another story. I worked my butt off rewriting SUB_CalcMove. I was proud of my little script and I wanted to share it with Spike. "Check out my awesome little script (excitement)" - this is not verbatim but it is the gist of his reply

      "That code is not awesome! It's actually bad"

      I was sadface, but the entire thing was good, cause I learned what was bad and grew.

      see, I'm not as high up on the horse as people may believe I think I am due to the things I say. However, I AM very passionate about what I do and I have a lot of confidence. When I write tutorials I go over EVERY word of it. I get down to the actual meaning of words in a literal sense. I have to balance absolute truth with "the spirit" of the information. By the time you have read one of my tutorials once. I have read it a hundred times and I'm probably perfecting it even more while you are reading it. Passion.
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