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.md3 and no textures?

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  • .md3 and no textures?

    Why when i convert model from HL1 .mdl to .md3 using "Noesis", moving everything WITH textures in .tga format, and running game i still have white/grey squares on weapon? I know that .mdl from Quake have textures inside model file, but i already export textures from HL .mdl and put it in /progs folder with .md3 file.
    I dont know why it's not working. I think that Noesis already make UV etc while exporting? And what's about .skin file ? What is it? I can make it using Noesis?
    Becouse i dont good at modelling, and dont know how to do this myself.
    But, when i look at "The Hunted Chronicle 1" mod, i see no .skin file in Id1\models\weapons\pistol . So what, i need this file, like in Xonotic, or no?
    If no, so why my gun have no Texture? =.=

    Sorry for my bad English, im not good at it...but i think that everybody can understand me And PS: I use DarkPlaces.

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    Open your console.
    There should be a error message with the right path from the texture.
    Then copy the texture to this path or change the path with a modeling tool.

    You dont need a .skin file for this