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  • csqc menu (not hud)

    I can't find much information (well, none) on how to customise the quake menu. What I mean by menu, is the options/settings/start single player etc. What pops up when you press esc. The only tutorials out there are for the hud or ingame menus.

    The only place I can find a menu.dat is in Xonotic. The code is quite complex just for a menu system, and it involves quakec classes and alsorts of excessive stuff. I don't even know where they capture esc, so that I can start to override the default menu. Do I capture it in CSQC_InputEvent()? In their code, it appears that they use menu_visible as a boolean to set whether the menu is up - but I can't even see where it's set to true. In CSQC_InputEvent(), it looks like this:

    	if(menu_visible && menu_action)
    		if(menu_action(bInputType, nPrimary, nSecondary))
    			return TRUE;
    That makes sense, but even doing a 'find "menu_visible"' in the source directories doesn't come up with "menu_visible = true;" or anything like that.

    So does anyone have a basic template on changing the quake menu?

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    Hangon, I think I've got it. I didn't see menudefs.qc/keycodes.qc before. I also presume that it needs to actually be inside menu.dat and not csprogs.dat. I'll be back with a skeleton for other users, presuming I succeed.


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      Sorted. Just look at LordHavoc's dpmod (dpmod/qc/menu, not dpmod/menu).


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        my menusys stuff
        should work in both dp+fte
        can be compiled as either a menu.dat or csprogs.dat (with varying levels of deficiency based upon the features the engine you use provides to that module).
        (I still need to put it on a source repository somewhere)
        Some Game Thing


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          "You can still find me on other sites."

          Spike, I know it is difficult to be consistent.
          But anyhow, at least you tried.