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    Many of the resources needed for mapping, QuakeC or the administration of a server have been assembled into the Quake Navigator, a collection of bookmarks to resources that are commonly used. There is also a section in the File Downloads area here.

    For mapping help, the best forum is Func_Msgboard. Post mapping questions in the mapping help thread, not anywhere else.

    For mapping tools/error messages, the best resource by far is aguirRe's site ( and aguirRe's tips page that details numerous mapping errors/warnings and how to fix them.

    For QuakeC help, the best site is They provide great help and have an excellent set of QuakeC tutorials.

    Server administration/setup of Quake servers are best handled either at Rune Central forums, or here. (QuakeWorld server setup, your best bet is instead.)

    If you are into engine development, has an excellent forum and outstanding tutorials.

    If you are a new developer and need web site or a forum, QuakeDev is very generous place looking to give a hand to new developers and hook them up with free and reliable web hosting for Quake, Quake 2 or Quake 3 projects.

    QuakeDev is run by Echon. Hosting information page is at and QuakeDev hosts a number of sites for developers, including Tremor and the Quake Retexturing Project.

    IRC Channels are often very useful in development to get answers in real time very quickly, some useful channels. (You'll need a IRC client, Mirc Download).

    Mapping: irc://


    Engine: irc://

    (Despite the name, the DarkPlaces channel is excellent for questions regarding Quake engines in general -- or actually any topic, in my experience).
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