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2d sprites replacing models help

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    Understood. Thank you, Seven.


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      hate to revive a 3+ year old thread, but i've been toying with the idea to use weapon sprites in my mod as well, however i'm trying to make it all work with vanilla quake as well as source ports. My question is, does vanilla quake support renaming .spr files to .mdl files as well? Or does it require some fiddling in QC? because when i tried renaming it to .mdl winquake instantly crashed. Same happens if i change one of the weapon models to a .spr file instead of mdl in qc. i'm a little stuck and this is pretty much the only thread i've found on this topic that doesn't go completely over my head


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        Hi RangerXT,

        If I were you, I would start to exchange a single static .mdl model by a single static .spr in QC and .pak.
        Do not forget to PRECACHE it, otherwise it surely will crash.
        Find a suitable sprite format. Not every .spr has the same format.
        I would look what format the original Quake sprites have (rocket explosion for example).
        That should work in vanilla engine (be aware that size matters as well of course )

        Then, if that works, make the next step and try animated sprites (see notes above).

        Be aware that you limit yourself by using the original engine.
        There are modern engines that have the look and feel of those (adjustable) but give you more possibilities (and I do not mean only DP).
        But that decision is yours of course.

        Best of luck.


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          RangerXT: WinQuake doesn't support anything other than MDL in viewmodels.

          For entities, the engine chooses the rendering path according to the model's internal data type (which is why you can rename to different extensions). However, viewmodels are always rendered as MDL models, there's no alternative rendering path for them.
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