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QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3

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  • Baker
    It actually doesn't work with Valve Hammer because when Worldcraft 3.3 switched to Valve Hammer 3.4, the registry entries changed.

    I was told at Func_Msgboard that using Valve Hammer to make Quake maps isn't permitted in the license agreement, and after doing research discovered Worldcraft 3.3 has all the same features as Valve Hammer 3.4/3.5 when it comes to Quake.

    While it doesn't work with Hammer, one cool thing is that you can actually have Worldcraft 3.3 and Valve Hammer 3.4/3.5 simultaneously installed, as I understand it. They use different folders, have different registry entries, etc.

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    Could it be used with Valve Hammer editor 3.4/3.5?

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  • RedPlague
    im actually making a counter-strike map out of a part from e1m5, but i do know my way around world craft somewhat. if anyone wants to work with me or let me tag along ill help make some maps.

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  • born4trance
    Thanks a lot Baker!

    i'll be damned. Your QuakeAdapter does the trick.. You must know i've been using Worldcraft as my first Quake Map/level editor, and i've been searching the net for better working alternatives.. I've been using Qoole, Thread and Quark, but i liked Worldcraft most because of its simplicity. Now today, i found your QuakeAdapter program on , and i'm damn happy i found it!

    So, once again you did it. I'll definetely keep an eye on you... atleast, i'll try

    As a little suprise i'll share the two DM maps i've ever made, using Worldcraft 1.6a .. all enjoy :-)

    For now, many thanks and see you around! =)

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  • Baker
    started a topic QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3

    QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3

    Update: I gave this little project a humble home page:

    If you are interested in getting into mapping, one of the complaints was all of the setup required and, well, the hassles.

    I've setup a package that someone can get off and running instantly upon installation. This package is incredibly easy to use and within 5 minutes of posting it at Func_Msgboard I had someone tell me this. This is unbelievable easy.

    QuakeAdapter 1.0 for Worldcraft 3.3

    1. Install the standard Worldcraft 3.3 Installer:

    Download: Worldcraft 3.3 Installer - 1.9 MB

    3. Install TexMex 3.4, a texture manager for Quake:

    Download: TexMex 3.4 Installer - 1.0 MB

    3. Install the QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3:

    Download: QuakeAdapter for Worldcraft 3.3 - 14.4 MB

    4. You are now 100% setup with all the best tools and everything is preconfigured.

    5. Read the Worldcraft 1.6a Tutorial and find out how to things, it is very easy.

    Later on, if you download textures (which as stored in a WAD file) or make your own (you can get textures at be sure to save them to c:\program files\worldcraft\textures as the QuakeAdapter will ensure these are always converted to a format that Worldcraft 3.3 uses.

    This is a prototype and I tested it numerous times, it should be solid as a rock. But often in live usage, things are discovered that didn't occur in testing. I doubt this is the case, but I can't be 1000% certain.

    After Worldcraft 1.6a, Worldcraft became a Half-life map development package. The QuakeAdapter makes Worldcraft 3.3 into a Quake-friendly map development tool. The main advantages of Worldcraft 3.3 over Worldcraft 1.6a is that it is has rotation and OpenGL acceleration. Worldcraft was discontinued and renamed to Valve Hammer later on, but Worldcraft 3.3 is permitted for Quake map development, it just wasn't easy before this.
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