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    Rook told me that it's very possible to change the momentum for any weapon, The increased momentum of the shotgun is very possible


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      I wish I could modify my rocket laucher to have enough power to take out Shub in 1 shot (rquake single).


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        lol ya i wanna be able to shaft the floor and fly upwards

        I also want to beable to hit rockets in midair, via shaft or another rocket and watch the fireworks! ||


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          Another issue that has come up with several users is a problem with the chasecam after being killed. Most of the time it works just fine but on occasion (for me) it'll lock into eye-cam and won't be able to change to the other mode. (others have reported, also happened to me) Sometimes you'll be locked on a single player and you can't change to a new player. I'd say 85% of the time chasecam works as expected, just those crazy 15% of times it doesn't.

          Also, not sure if was mentioned here or not, but it'd be nice if you could only chasecam your own team. Not that it's that big an issue, but if you were having a serious match in the mod, dead team members have the ability to ghost (report location of enemy to living team members).


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            Originally posted by Solecord
            (report location of enemy to living team members).
            If you did that in any of the CA+ servers, you'd be keel-hauled!


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              Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper
              If you did that in any of the CA+ servers, you'd be keel-hauled!
              Ya! Hence a fix should be implemented. But I was referring more to those who may use some sort of teamspeak program during a match... chasecaming the enemy and reporting to your teammates their locations... blah...


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                There is already a team_cam_lock option on CAx so that you can only track your teammates nobody else. I just need to make those configurable options not be reset between warped maps.

                This is good having a thread about different improvements or bugs, because without feedback you don't know what to fix on the mod.

                Don't be scared away by these deficiencies yet, CAx has come a long way already to becoming a great mod. Hell, that's amazing bomber got 16 players going on the server!

                Yellow, I think I have an idea on fixing the color-change to allow 2 or more players to join even though the teams are already balanced.

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