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  • Map Background Music help

    I need some help, i got this file i want to play in one of my maps i made. Can someone tell me howto or if i give them the files edit it so it plays the file

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    If it is a .wav file, you could have users put it in c:\quake\id1\sound\bgmusic\whatevermusic.wav and MAYBE put in some QuakeC on the server side to make it constantly play.

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      everyone there would know.
      Not true, Im there, and I dont know!

      Though if its for a singleplayer level you could have the player emit the sound itself... or put in a custom ambient sound entity with a global attentuation if thats possible... or if it was DP only, compress the wav to ogg and name it trackxxx.ogg where xxx is a 3 digit number like 002 and put it in the pak under sound\cdtracks\ and in the worldspawn set the track field to the number you used in the filename and DP will loop it as a cd track.
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        Yup, like he said
        Using oggs as music tracks makes it easy (the file is already compressed, so you download remains tiny) and makes it working for DM maps as well, but then it limits it to DarkPlaces.
        Using wavs makes the zip file with your map much bigger (except if you include some simple conversion program, but people usually don't like it too much, believe me, I've done that) but some people might be grateful that it will work on all engines. Map loading time might be a little longer, though and, if you really want it to be compatible with all engines, you'll have to keep it short and low-quality.