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adding a newboss in qc

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  • adding a newboss in qc

    After trying a lot plotting in qc with proqcc I reached the moment I can spawn a newboss in Quake1.
    Fine to see, but it still has no defend, it just appears in its animation frames.

    In this stadia it rises up, untill it sees the player, then in freezes because it has no target_hunt.
    So I turned the monster, and when you shoot it , it centers to the player, fighting with still no defend.

    What I don't understand is, that after it gets killed, it rises up its first stand position again. As if after the die-frames it can run up back to its first standposition. I really don't know where to find the cause of this.

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    Not to toot my main stomping grounds too much, but Inside3d is really the better place to ask such a question as a lot of experienced qc coders hang out there, as opposed to virtually none here.
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      RenegadeC might have an idea

      Another good idea is to look at the Chthon code and compares yours to that.


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        Yup, and Ren often posts on i3d, and is pretty much always in #qc, and i3d has a java client that will automatically connect you to the channel, weve been getting a few regular new guys to qc via it lately which has been nice.
        Inside3d - Because you can't be Outside 3D!


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          Thanks for your answer.

          I had the question posted in Func_Msgboard, but there was a SQL errror, So I placed the question here.

          It had something to do with the animation script, but it is fine now!