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  • BSP Map Editor Updated

    The BSP Map Editor has been updated and it seems like there are a lot of improvements to it.

    This is the map editor that got an update after something like 8 years of inactivity about 3 months ago right before Quake Expo and everyone was like "WTF?", but apparently that project is going full steam ahead and has some interesting features in the changelog.

    Anyway, it looks like the project author(s) have put a tremendous amount of work into it and it appears the project will continue to evolve.

    # Texture shifting in 3D window is completely fixed.
    # New handling for window positions. Windows can only be saved as shown, hidden or minimized. Z-order is saved.
    # Fixed camera locking bugs. Handling of 0/1 flag for "lock_cameras" in bsp.ini has changed, so change 0 to 1, or 1 to 0 in old configs to retain the same behavior!
    # Added offset to camera when locked. See options "lock_camera_ofs_x/y/z".
    # Camera angle drawn in Front and Right views.
    # Added shading, fog, translucency to GL. See new gl_* settings in bsp.ini.
    # Added command CM_KBSETTINGS to show keyboard configuration dialog, and added menu option to File->Preferences.
    # Cleaner drawing outlines in GL mode.
    # Added extrude face command. Creates new brush from selected face. Command name "CM_EXTRUDE_FACE".
    # Added option "outline_use_group" to bsp.ini. Set to 1 for brush outlines to use group color in GL mode.
    # Added option "look_at_sel" and command "CM_LOOK_AT_SEL". Camera will look at selection for strafe, move up/down and camera drags. Camera will stay fixed on selection when selection is dragged.
    # Fixed bug: "right" XY view won't make invalid wedge brushes...
    # Q1 and Q2 models will render in GL mode.
    # Model outlines rendered with entity color. Disable model bounding box with "gl_no_model_bbox" option.
    # Added toolbar to group window. Show/hide with "group_toolbar". Configure buttons in groupbar.ini.
    # Added option "flymode" to move camera up/down based on pitch in forward/back navigations.
    # Added option "flats_like_texture" to color flats with color like texture.
    # Added recent files list. Recent files are tracked per game type. "num_recent" in bsp.ini sets number to show.
    # Added "Show Key Mappings" to Help menu, and removed "Help Window" option.
    # Current face will stay selected after brush manipulations.
    # Current face edges in XY won't be obscured by other selected brushes.
    # New snap option: Set "snap_back" to 1 and dragging edges will snap back to grid rather than just moving by grid size. Menu Brush->Snap Back.
    # Improved vertex dragging: when dragging a vertex in old versions, one face would sometimes get "stuck" and the vertex would stay aligned to one face rather than move freely.
    # Fixed mouselook: now takes into account mouse delta. Changed defaults for mlook_vert_step/mlook_horiz_step.
    # Fixed memory leak during brush rotations.
    # Fixed bug: Certain menu/toolbar items (regions, copy brush) wouldn't enable after a selection change.
    # Added option "clippers_stay", clippers will remain visible after carve and split when set.
    # Added new command "CM_CLIP_CUR_FACE" and menu "Clip->Create from Current Face" to show 3 clippers defining selected face.
    # Drag clip points when adding to create next clip point where the mouse is released.
    # Added option "track_clippers" to control clipper drawing in XY. Set 0=update after, 1=update current XY, 2=update all XY.
    # Added option "clipper_autoflip". When set, adding clip points automatically leaves the portion of the selection containing the center point (cuts off smaller piece). Added menu item "Clip->Auto Flip"
    # Added option "clipper_mode". Set to 0 for normal 3 point mode, set to 1 for axial 2 point mode. Added items to "Clip" menu.
    # Fixed bug: clippers will always snap to grid.
    # Fixed bug: clippers draw in GL mode again, clip points are connected too.
    # Changed default clipper shortcuts: "C" will carve, and "/" will flip clippers.
    # "Mode" command in 3D window will change action of left-mouse only instead of applying to all mouse buttons.
    # Increased max token length to reduce occurance of map loading error "Token too large on line xx".
    # Fixed bug: remaining portion of brush during clip operation is shown again.
    # Changed default settings in bspmouse.ini. Now prioritizes selecting clip points first, next camera, then brush points.
    # Entities won't show a selected face anymore.
    # Fixed bug: selection rectangle won't flicker.
    # Edge knobs and selection lines draw in GL 3D again.
    # Fixed angle drawn on pitch control in GL 3D.
    # Fixed bug with finding exe directory on startup.
    # Fixed bug: exit from menu or toolbar won't crash.
    # Changing entities from entity window will redraw 3D view
    # Fixed bug in CM_JUMP (alt+j) command that prevented it from jumping.
    # Added more error handling to wad loader, (blood2.wad won't crash anymore)
    # Set 3D window background color in GL mode.
    # Brush center knobs won't "shift" in XY.
    # GL mode is default. Change with "gl_mode_default" option.
    # Fixed bug: origin brushes incorrectly shifted all other brush textures.
    # Fixed bug: Offset copy/move will handle zero values correctly.
    # Minimized windows should restore properly when switching window configurations.
    # Added "Select One" mode to 3D window and "SELECTONE" command to Bspmous3d.ini. Selects a single brush at a time.
    # Added "Strafe Camera" mode to 3D window and "NAVIGATE_STRAFE" to Bspmouse3d.ini. Mouse navigate with strafe.
    # Added command and toolbar button "CM_JUMP_SEL_XY" to move selection to center of XY windows.
    # Fixed bug with surface flags update in surface window.
    # Fixed hang if bsppos.ini was missing.
    # Added "Goto group in XY" option to group window menu.
    # Truncated trailing zeroes in surface window and in saved .maps.
    # ALT key is configurable in bspmouse.ini and bspmous3d.ini.
    # Fixed bug: models will load from file now, must be in equivelent path/subdir of game's .pak file.
    # Fixed bug: .lin leak files will render correctly.
    # Fixed bug in software renderer: textures were incorrectly offset by 1 pixel.
    # GL: Got rid of "use_mipmaps" options. Always using mipmaps now. Updated texture settings dialog.
    # Added command "CM_NOOP". Can be used to disable default key mappings.
    # New brush center calc.
    # CLIPPLANEDRAG will redraw in XY windows correctly.
    # Added alternate snap method "Snap Planes". Added menu Brush->Snap Planes and command "CM_SNAP_PLANES". Snaps all plane points to grid.
    # S,T,R texture values displayed as integers. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...

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    jesus... did you have enough room to fit all those characters Baker? I'm no mapper but I've tried out many different mapping tools thoughout the years. I bet all the quake mappers are pooping their pants right now!


    The CD comes with an awesome soundtrack by Trent Reznor if you didn't know. But don't worry, its not that emo crap they play on the radio.
    Hey fuck you eh?!


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      Heh. I seem to remember a time when BSP was "beerware" (or something like that).


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        model eve nylons

        [edit by Baker: good job spammer]
        Last edited by Baker; 01-04-2011, 11:57 PM.


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          This is a good map editor, and I use it mostly for mapping.
          I'm sure there are others but this one is easy to jump into.
          If you think there arent enough maps give this a try.
          Your map doesnt have to be perfect, just making a single room can be satisfactory.
          Who knows you might make the next killer rocketarena map


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            I have tried a few editors over the years, but nothing seems as sensical as qED. And I seem to be the last person who has it, since the original company is gone. I don't think I've tried this version of bsp, so maybe I can actually make levels with it...


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              This thread is 4 years old, the damn spammer revived it. Not much has happened after the updates mentioned here it seems.

              The website says:
              Latest Version
              BSP v.96d - Executable only. Includes .96c update, and SSE2 version. 10/10/2007.
              my FPS maps


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                It can not open .BSP files, why it sh*t called "BSP Map Editor" ?