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Connecting to/Testing servers with PHP

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  • Connecting to/Testing servers with PHP

    This question is for anybody who can help. =]

    I've been learning PHP over the last couple of years and I was wondering how the coding works on the "server list" page. I'd like to set up my own quake webpage and be able to do the same type of thing with private servers.

    Any/all help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The server browser utilizes qstat ( to query the servers. The qstat download is a available at

    You would need above normal priviledges with your host because qstat is a binary executable and if you are using Linux you'd also need to compile it yourself.

    Just a heads up: implementing it in any "pretty" format involves major work (parsing/cron jobs and other advanced stuff). Making an ugly server browser is not very hard (but still requires atypical server host priviledges).

    /edit: it appears that the is no longer valid and the new page is at - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I'll see if I can get this working.