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  • Server Log Returns Error

    Hey guys

    I've set up a testing server here at the house. If all goes well, I will be placing it at a local DataCenter. I've got CRMOD++ v6.4 running on it right now. Future plans include CA. I can connect with all computers on LAN. I've forwarded the udp port 26000 on the router for internet users.

    However, when users outside of my network try to connect, the server pops up with this message:

    sv_readclientmessage: net_getmessage
    unconnected player removed.

    If anyone has any ideas on this one, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Quake uses more than just port 26000 so you can't just forward port 26000. You have to forward ALL UDP ports or open the DMZ for the host.

    I think port 26000 is just the port used to initially establish the connection, but gets replies from several other ports.

    Originally posted by Yugo2Heck View Post
    ... the standard Quake server uses a separate random local port number for each client. Furthermore, the Quake protocol is designed such that the server sends from this random local port to the client before the client sends to the server, which confuses connection-oriented firewalls/routers on the client side as well.
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      For me, I just have to forward the port that I use to host in quake. But then I have to make sure that my personal firewall accepts all udp ports from clients so they can connect.

      This is a hassle and it's stupid that the client ports are random. There should have been a standard.