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CAX or CA GS integration

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  • CAX or CA GS integration

    Can someone explain how ca rounds work?
    Is it possible to add a cvar for switching rounds serverside
    without a map change?

    say sv_caround = 0 when round or game ends
    sv_caround = 1 during a match or game


    Trying to integrate ca style servers into GS stats

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    Players pick color , and match starts.
    Round ends when either both teams are all dead,or one team has atleast one member lift. (a draw or win)

    Next round start's.

    Couldnt you just setup a specific GS scan to continously scan,constantly adding up and never resetting scores (minus week end?)

    Jack , the man to talk to would be r00k,he has a MSN and I think a yahoo, he has a account here at under r00k, you could PM him. If CAx doesnt currently offer a method for tracking scores,I'm sure he could think up a work around that would allow GS to track scores. Atlesat,I hope he can
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      How does the GS parser see server status, from cvar values?
      I can use any existing server cvars for round status, something like if you typed test2 it would show:

      sv_friction 4
      sv_gravity 800
      timelimit 0
      fraglimit 0
      skill 0
      noexit 2

      if your parser saw the "skill" cvar as round or end of game flag then I could have
      -1 = no game 1-9 round, 99 = game over?

      Then the GS could summate of the final scores? And since frags in CA are damage based, (300 point damage = 1 kill = 1 frag) iw would give a fairly accurate tally of MVP. ||


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        hmmm that sounds about right. GS keeps a tmp record of frags
        per map and tallys the score for perm record on map change.
        CA being on the same map most of the time and scores reset
        using the same map they don't tally correctly. So yes...I am basically
        looking for a way to scan a CA server for a cvar change per round.

        Or the easy way just have a 2 map rotation


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          Any chance for me to get unbanned from GS once it gets fixed? I'd appreciate it!

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            How about just a cvar cycle every round - skill++, 1 thru 3, =>3 skill=1
            is that possible? Have it cycle @ end of round?


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              Like mentioned above, something unique about CA is that the scores never go backwards (down).

              You can't kill yourself -- well, you can fall or drown -- but even then you do not lose a frag.

              So if a player with 10 frags has 0 on the next scan, it means the game has ended.

              /I don't know if that helps. Rook is, of course, the guy to listen to.
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                Your score also goes backwards (Resets to zero) if you are AFK
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