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  • My Mapping Problems

    well hello,
    I'm new to the mapping scene and i'm making a Q1 map in QuArK. When i bsp, vis and light a map and play it, when im too far from an object it shows the defult grey background! How can i change the "Z" distance or, if not what are it's limits.

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    r_farclip 16384 in the console or the config should fix that.
    The exact cvar depends on your engine though. Might be gl_farclip too (I think).
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      You should ask stuff like that on func_msgboard (link is on the left of this page) in the Mapping Help thread.

      What you see is probably greyflash. Basically your rooms etc. are too big, too detailed, or have too much "stuff" in them (visible.) I can't tell you the exact limitations; ask over at func. The Quake engine is limited in the amount of stuff it can display at the same time. That's normal.

      a) Build smaller rooms, connect them with dogleg corridors, basically block line-of-sight a bit. Try to scale your rooms to the size of the player and monsters; the player isn't even 64 units high (a crate is 64x64x64). Put some monsters/crates in the rooms and use those as a guide.

      Download the original Quake maps (open source) and look at them in your editor. Notice how high/long/wide typical rooms and corridors are (also notice that you can never see very far - there are technical reasons for that.)

      b) You can use a Quake engine that has its limits raised (Fitzquake ?, AguirRe's Quake, Darkplaces) and consider releasing your map for a certain engine (or even include it.)

      c) put higher values for r_maxedges and r_maxsurfs in your console (helps to a degree.)
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        Since you're saying "grey", I assume you're using WinQuake. In that case try setting the following cvars:

        r_maxedges 100000
        r_maxsurfs 100000

        In GL-engines, follow Spirit's advice (if necessary).


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          Most people start out making overly large maps. Read some tutorials also.


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            in quark make sure to set the output format for the .map to "valve 220" (that is if u want to use the advanced texture positioning features in quark) and set "use integral values as threepoints".. also make sure every vertex is on the grid or u'll run into all kinds of weird problem with qbsp/vis


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              sry for puttign this in the wrong place...
              I am using winquake or proquake, can it
              even support valve 220 in quake?


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                valve 220 is just the format in wich quark writes the .map file.. qbsp will use this to build the .bsp so it doenst matter what client u use for quake.. it will work (the thing is with quark, it is on "quark etp" format by deafult.. this format writes the coordinates of the brushes in a rather odd way to the .map resulting in lots of floating point coordinates that give qbsp and vis trouble.. the valve 220 format does not do this, and results a .map with nice integral coordinates, provided u put em on the grid that is)