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Making a Quake Map 101

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    Originally posted by damage_inc View Post
    One more, directory structure... so far I remember


    Are those it?
    If you want great advice on mapping:

    This thread (no registration is required) is really where to ask:

    Func_Msgboard: Mapping Help

    At least 50 experienced Q1 mappers using all kinds of editors and experts in them all, every bizarre little setting, etc. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      I have a serious question (although you might find this amusing, to a degree). I apologize for my poor computer terminology. I'm still a newbie when it comes to PC usage. While you were programming, did you ever delete something important?

      When I was trying to create a Quake Map, I foolishly deleted some important bits of data. How will I restore the data? (Well, actually, that did not happen to me. BUT I fear that it will happen to me! Nobody's perfect.) If you could answer my question, I would really appreciate it.

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        There is nothing to delete. You have 1 file to work with, the map. I doubt you are going to go into your map folder (which isn't even in your editor directories), search for your exact map and delete it. That's not really something yu can do by accident unless you are like a meth head or something.

        "Oh there is my map file {right click / delete...are you sure you want to delete file...clicks, yes, goes to recycle bin and clicks empty, are you sure you want to empty the recycle bin?...clicks yes} Awwwww crap, why did I do that? That was my map!"

        lol, wtf?

        edit: sorry I forgot to answer your actual question

        How will I restore the data? You will just grab one of the multiple backed up copies that you have stored over various different data storage units or you could just open or you could just not delete it in the first place. Another good idea is to never save anything to the same drive your operating system is on. What if your autosave was on "C:/" and C crashes 5 seconds later (for whatever reason). Save to the slave and back-up your work as soon as you are done for the day (at least).

        I use sites like these to form even more copies. Share your work, completed or not and include the source files. It's like a sneaky way to back up your work on other peoples computers.
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          RL Clown, it depends what bits of data you are talking about.
          If while in the editor making the map u accidentally selected multiple walls then delete, you can usually use ctrl-z to undo your last action. If you happened to delete the map file itself look in your trashcan-folder.

          it is best to save multiple intervals of accomplishment. And at stages where you wish to make a decision, 'save as', prior. That way if you dont like that decision you can go back to the fork and proceed the other idea.


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            Some people might think that this is boring. But then again, some people might think that this idea is crazy... Picture this: a Quake mod that uses Quake 3's maps. Obviously, you would have many Ranger models from the Original Quake. But this time, they would be running, jumping, and fragging each other on Bouncy Map and The Longest Yard. (I love Space Maps... I love the bone-chilling effects.) I don't think that the idea is cool; I think that it's super-cool. (But what do you think?)
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              or you could just play quake3.
              Some Game Thing


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                i hate falling off space maps


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                  Pretty sure a lot of those maps have been ported already.
                  Scout's Journey
                  Rune of Earth Magic


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                    or even making your own is pretty simple


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                      The link for the improved .fgd is dead.
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                        Anyone have Quake 1 support configured for GtkRadiant 1.6.4? I'm on Linux, btw.

                        It seems like the directory structure might be different, and the old installation methods that I find aren't working for me.

                        No matter what I do, I get this error:

                        Synapse server initialization failed (see console)
                        errno: No such file or directory.
                        Edit: Okay. The Quake 2 synapse.config seems to work, just not the one for Quake 1. So the "No such file" error is bogus or I'm not understanding something. They seem to have updated config file formats. They may have also dropped support for Quake 1.

                        Edit2: Heh. If I change mapq2 to mapq1 (in synapse.config), I get that "file not found" error. Otherwise it loads.

                        Edit3: Nevermind. It's not supported, unless you want to get version 1.5. Off to netradiant I go.
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                          Hi i need a step by step guide on how to compile maps.


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                            Download the latest version of compiling tools for your OS from this link: utils

                            Then download a GUI for it from this link:

                            There should be readmes with both, but what you do is point the GUI to the compiling .exe files from the first link, then point it to you map location and put in an output location. Its all very straight forward and the GUI is easy to use.

                            Note: Make sure that you do not have anything either of these two downloads placed in a folder with a space in the name, such as 'Program Files', and do no have you make that you wish to compile in a folder with a space in the name.

                            Note: If your map has a leak in it, this compiler set up SHOULD write a pointfile to the output location of your map. Depending on you map editor, you can load that pointfile up and see where the leak is. If you need help with that, all I can do is tell you how I solved leaks in Trenchbroom, the editor that I use.

                            Not sure if I explained this very well, but if you have any issues just reply and I'll try to help.