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Quake Server Version & CPU Utilization

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  • Quake Server Version & CPU Utilization

    I'm setting back up some of the servers that I had been running in the past and want to verify what flavor/version is still preferred for the server. I had been using Linux Proquake 3.90 and it still seems that is the go to, but not 100% sure.

    Also wondering if anyone has noticed the high CPU utilization of Proquake server. I tested both Proquake 3.5 and 3.90 and observed high (relatively) CPU usage (10 - 15% of one 2Ghz+ core) even when just idling (no mods selected, vanilla quake). I also tested on windows comparing winquake and wqpro in dedicated server mode and noticed the proquake version with higher CPU usage and the winquake using minimal. I haven't looked at the source yet, but I am guessing Proquake is just always running through its main loop and doesn't yield when it doesn't have anything to do. I probably wouldn't of thought much of it, but it limits certain types of cloud VM specs that otherwise could be used.

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    I don't think much has changed WRT engine support for multiplayer, so I'm sure 3.5 or 3.90 is fine. Yes the game loop will run continually irregardless of players active, but it shouldn't take up 10 - 15% of CPU.. You can fiddle with `sys_ticrate` - this is what determines how much time the server will wait between game loop execution.