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Where to get started if I wanted to make a stand-alone game out of the Quake 1 engine

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  • Where to get started if I wanted to make a stand-alone game out of the Quake 1 engine

    For starters, I'll start with what I want to do. I want to make a game - or at least a standalone prototype/demo/proof of concept out of id Tech 1(or some form of it).

    I have some experience with Unity, but after completing Quake 1 again, along with seeing projects like Aeon of Ruin I realized I really enjoy a lot about the id Tech 1 engine. I dug around and for the most part the only thing I really see around is making mods. There are a couple options for making mods, using things like Darkplaces and Quakespasm. I also realize you seem to need to know Quake C and have a tool for that. Along with a mapping software. I poked around and found tutorials for mapping and Quake C but they all seem rather outdated.

    So for that here are my questions


    -What draws the line between a Mod and a standalone game within the Q1 realm? Traditionally how I define mods are usually they require a majority of the base game to play. So if that's the case, how would I make my game stand-alone, without the requirement of Q1?

    -Where should I start, I've encountered downloads for QC files, manuals to code in QC, and programs like Trenchbroom and Darkplaces engine. I'll say right now, I downloaded Quakspasm but it didn't seem to want to boot from my main computer. But what would be recommended for making a full on game?

    -Lastly, would I need to have knowledge of the source engine?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers.

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    I think it greatly depends on what you'd like to accomplish for your game. It took me about 3 years of off-work time to build my TCM on Darkplaces from scratch. I consider it a standalone game because I tore out massive chunks of the original quake C code and vastly altered the gameplay.

    Start with getting a working copy of the GPL 1.06 Quake C source, ( I think this Then you'll need the FTEQCC compilers.

    As for knowledge of engine code, would also depend on what you'd like to accomplish, for my mod I made a decision to stick with just QuakeC. This decision certainly haunted the project in many ways, so it is something to be mindful of.

    good luck


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      Between CSQC (client side) and SVQC (server side ... i.e. regular QC) you shouldn't need to do any engine mods. If the engine you use isn't sufficient simply get a better one. The engine is primarily a loader, renderer and "browser", with maybe the main exception of handling progs edicts. CSQC can handle your menus, hud, etc and SVQC handles all your game logic, assets and animations.

      When you go to map you will have either an .ent or .fgd file that serves as a dictionary of all your entities. By this I mean if you have (ex) monster_hillaryClinton function in your QC, then you will need a monster_hillaryClinton descriptor in your .fgd/.ent in order to place it in the map. Generally whatever mapping software you use will read the ent/fgd and place it's contents in a list called the entity inspector (or something similar). Its from that list that you select your entities for placement in the map.

      To compile a map you will need some tools, and the latest tyrUtils is probably what you want, but is not even close to the only option. It's just the most modern option.