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Lightmaps not showing up on map

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  • Lightmaps not showing up on map

    when compiling my map it looks like its full bright and there are no shadows, any one know how to fix this?
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    You have one or more leaks in your map. Your map interior cannot be exposed to the void in any way. Not even a crack. This is why you should always work on the grid. What's happening is the BSP compilation is failing so, VIS is not running properly, if at all. If your read the shell window while it is compiling it's telling you that it's failing, why and where.


    How To Fix:

    You should have a file (in your compiler or map folder) named NameOfYourMap.pts. If it isn't in your map folder put it there. Start your map, open the console (ie. press "~") and type "pointfile". You'll now see rainbow lines that lead you to a leak. Fix the leak, recompile your map and test it. If you still don't have lightmaps keep repeating the above steps til you close all the leaks.

    If your .pts file was NOT originally in your map folder you will have to keep drag/dropping the new .pts file to your map folder after every compile. Failure to do this will just keep reloading the first .pts file which will essentially just keep showing you the same first leak.


    Quick And Sloppy Fix:

    I don't recommend this alternative, but if you wanted to fix it a quick and dirty way you could just put your entire map inside of a room that does not have leaks.



    Don't quote me on this - I THINK you can load the pointfile inside of the editor if you use Trenchbroom to make your maps. I want to say that I've seen this done in a video, long ago. I may be entirely wrong, though. If I'm not wrong, this will make fixing your leaks go much faster.

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