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  • Quake rerelease assets

    (copy/pasta of my Func_Msgboard post)

    Using Pak Explorer (PakExpl.exe), I unzipped pak0.pak (in the Quake/rerelease/id1 folder) and have discovered that new, revised models are actually md5 meshes with animations. I can pull these up in blender 2.9 using the following importer/exporter:

    All the textures are lmp files. I have a simple c/c++ utility that converts these to BMP bitmaps if anyone is interested.

    I'm debating adding md5 support into my one quake branch.

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    Update. I was able to use the above blender addon to load the quake soldier md5 mesh + animation into blender 2.9, then use the following addon

    To convert the md5 into an mdl, and replace the existing soldier.mdl with the new one.

    TLDR, running original quake with the new rerelease updated models backported.