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  • Ultimate Quake Mod!!!!!

    Ultimate Mod Idea! Never had been done before!

    Destroyable targets within hard to navigate shifting and moving environments - as difficutly progresses - measuring weapon efficiency, move speed indicator and time it takes to complete a course.

    The targets can be melons to be sliced with your axe, scarecrows - shoot their heads off and dismember, etc.. adding to the fun factor. All fun to destroy objects from all conceivable sources. Creativity and variety of fun targets and their destruction to be elaborated.

    Use all tricks you know to move your fastest: wallhugging, zigzagging and bunnyhopping. Combine them all accordingly to achieve beyond maximum results.

    Courses are to be played at variying levels of difficulty and get progressively harder using all the hazards presented into Quake: lava, slime and water - all used appropriately capitalizing onto your errors inflicting damage accordingly based onto level of difficulty selected and hazard course progression.

    Some hazard courses require use(s) of a specific weapon used into a certain way, i.e. rocket jumping the right height, combined GL and RL jump, use of nailgun to hit with nails a narror passage into wall hitting small button triggering a platform otherwise unshootable, etc..

    Mod does not have to be torturous, can be played for fun as well - fun mode - while also offering the option for die hard trainees to work hard if they choose. Can be played any way, adding to flexibility and fun factor.

    Induce synthetic lag to simulate online play. Be creative, the mod rewards you!

    Projected hazard courses - 25. Assigned achievements display your level of attained skill measured by the mod. Demos can be uploaded, stimulating incentive to show your ability.

    Add your own ideas to the project!

    Name: Ultra Quake Training Mod, guaranteed to churn out kick-ass players! No more noobie bitchin', they learn basic Quake skills, physics and more into their area of study and training, readying them to perform well under pressure - if chosen to train that way.

    Modders, run by me design ideas.

    Everybody brainstorm, add to the idea pool, to make this the ULTIMATE QUAKE MOD!!!!!

    I know it can be hard and long. Hard work definitely pays off!!!!! Let us do it NOW!!!!! Everybody come together and CREATE!!!!!

    Recent additions:
    -Add coop, complete the courses with help of buddy. Have him RL you into a direction to gain momentum while you boost yourself further into another, etc.. Adding to fun factor of playing alongside someone.
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