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    I have the latest one off 1.8 I believe. Yellow gave me a link to the latest progs.dat however whenever I start the server it starts without weapons and I have to manually turn them on, even when you change maps.

    So is there a complete zip of the newest version? I know its just a config issue but I dont have the latest configs to go with the latest progs.dat.

    Any help would be apprecaited!


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    grab this file -->

    I'll update the .zip on the website as soon as i finish adding the new speedball mode. ||


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      Thank you sir!


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        Well I added the config, and still it fires up with no weapons Im using 1.9 if that matters, its what yellow sent me. 1.8 works fine though. And I see the part where you add up all numbers, set the weapons, its all good, nothing is out of line, however all I ever start with is the axe.

        Oh and I always says welcome to I cannot get it to say my servers name.

        Help me R00k, youre my only hope.


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          I changed the name to in the link I already gave you,

          We do need to update the page with latest mod files and instructions....


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            well the one you gave me works fine yellow, but the game loads with no weapons, even with the new config from r00k. So I didnt spend enough time playing with it to notice that, heh my bad!

            Any idea why it loads with no weaps?


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              Ok no, I tried the one you just linked me to, still says rage, not fquick, and it doesnt load weapons with the new config from r00k nor using the old 1.8 config. Nothin is working with either of the new progs.dat files you guys have linked me to (and just to make sure, none of them say fquick either)


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                Ok message me on irc/yahoo/msn/aim/icq