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  • MOTD and prydon

    i was wondering if there is anyone who can help me with this tutorial i know nothing of modding for quake nor coding/scripting of any kind and was wondering if someone could help me with this .

    im able to find this line
    void() PlayerPostThink =
    in the tutorial but not the line it says to find in the next part of the tutorial so im not sure what to do ....

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    Ceriux, before you read on, I need to know if you have the original Vanilla quakec source code, OR if you are looking from a mod source code, like, runequake?

    ================================================== ========

    So it says to add CheckMOTD (); in PlayerPostThink () that you have already found, RIGHT AFTER the CheckPowerups (); line (which is at the end of PlayerPostThink ())

    So to show you exactly what the above means look at the end of the PlayerPostThink function:

    void ()
    PlayerPostThink =
    	local	float	mspeed, aspeed;
    	local	float	r;
    	if (self.view_ofs == '0 0 0')
    		return;		// intermission or finale
    	if (self.deadflag)
    	// do weapon stuff
    	W_WeaponFrame ();
    	// check to see if player landed and play landing sound	
    	if ((self.jump_flag < -300) && (self.flags & FL_ONGROUND) && ( > 0))
    		if (self.watertype == CONTENT_WATER)
    			sound (self, CHAN_BODY, "player/h2ojump.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
    		else if (self.jump_flag < -650)
    			T_Damage (self, world, world, 5); 
    			sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "player/land2.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
    			self.deathtype = "falling";
    			sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "player/land.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);
    		self.jump_flag = 0;
    	if (!(self.flags & FL_ONGROUND))
    		self.jump_flag = self.velocity_z;
    	CheckPowerups ();
    	CheckMOTD (); // <------------------- It goes here like this