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chase active has been disabled, but i dont want it to

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  • chase active has been disabled, but i dont want it to

    how do i fix this final problem, i dont even know wich variables control the alowance of chase active, any ideas?

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    This is most likely the case where the server has disabled chase_active.
    On stock glQuake, chase_active can be considered a cheat because it would allow a player to see through walls. Most modern clients, and even some server mods, correct this problem, by moving the origin of the camera when a player gets too close to walls. Basically it depends on the server. ||


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      oh sorry i wasent spacific enough, i ment i have accuired a setting that disables chase active, its eather in the vote map codes, or the observer codes, but i dont know what part of code im looking for

      [i really have to stop posting at night]


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        If "chase active has been disabled" is printing to your console after typing

        chase_active 1

        even a local game, can be due to CRMOD or RUNEQUAKE servers stuffing an alias for the chase_active cvar.

        alias "chase_active" "echo Chase Active has been disabled"

        Which in return also disallows the user from setting the actual cvar with a value.

        What source code are you rummaging through? Maybe just search in the source files for keyword "chase_active"? ||


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          oh its my own source code, ive been making a base thing for mods, wich is made of the warning free progs v106 [ maybe the guy shuoldhave callled it 107?] and bams observer and vote map tutorial things, i think i have aquired it with the vote map

          btw, does anyone want the base for mods when i finish it? i think it will make things run faster when modding, nad maybe more people will want to play them ?


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            ok thanks rook i dident know what those lines did so i was afraid to comment them out

            it works now thank you

            [hehe i said nad on the prev. post]