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new FFA server reminiscent of C9's server

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  • new FFA server reminiscent of C9's server

    There is a new FFA server, with standard spawns rather than random spawns, as in the original q1.

    The server address is Ny.Clanring.Tk port 26000.

    It is running a modified version of Elohim Crmod 2.2.

    On the port 26000 server, fraglimit is 30, timelimit is 40, and items follow deathmatch 1 rules (except for the maps Trilogy Multiplayer, The Dark Zone, and Gloom Keep, which use deathmatch 3). This is a Free-For-All (FFA) deathmatch server. If something moves, shoot it. Also shoot the things that don't move. The current map rotation is

    DM4 The Bad Place
    ANIHOUSE Animal House
    E4M3 The Elder God Shrine
    TRIMP Trilogy Multiplayer
    DM3 The Abandoned Base
    DM7 Acrophobia
    DM6 The Dark Zone
    E1M5 Gloom Keep

    In addition, the mod has a match mode (match in console), crmod-type practice mode (practice in console), and a pre-match rocket jump no self-damage practice mode, as in QW (must be in match mode).

    The default mode is FFA mode(voted by typing FFA in the console.

    Bunny hopping is also enabled on this server, by using sys_ticrate 0. This allows unlimited speed acceleration via strafe jumping. However, the ticrate may be changed to 0 (tic0 in console), 0.015 (tic015 in console), 0.025 (tic025 in console), or 0.05 (tic05 in console).

    If the server is empty, bots can also be added by typing impulse 251 to add bots, and impulse 253 to remove bots.

    Players are also rated using an ELO rating system, which rates players based on who fragged who.
    If a higher ranked player gets fragged by a lower ranked player, the higher ranked player loses more rating points than if they were both equally ranke.
    Also, total frags and total deaths are tracked throughout map changes.
    The ratings and total frags/total deaths can be seen at the end of each level or match, or by typing rating in the console.
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    I'll play here if you can get a better map rotation.


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      Any map suggestions or rotation list ideas would be welcomed.




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        I like the map rotation that bigfoot has.


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          FYI from the Washington DC area:

          Ping statistics for
          Packets: Sent = 426, Received = 424, Lost = 2 (0% loss),
          Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
          Minimum = 16ms, Maximum = 2094ms, Average = 23ms

          Not bad, 23ms. Thanks for the new server!


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            I'm probably going to clean up the most recent 3 news posts and consolidate them into a single article with media.

            The QuakeOne homepage is supposed to be media-rich with graphics and content that attract community participation and looks "pro". I did get slightly lazy with the "NewDM" news item because I couldn't think of an appropriate graphic at that time.
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              and how the hell do we turn auto aim off on this server?


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                Am I the only one who goes "WTF?" at hottpiink's posts?


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                  Yeah, I don't know what to think, p.s. old thread is old...


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                    The pink bumped it, most of it's posts are doing that :/