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    There is a section at Inside3D filled with QuakeC tutorials.

    But the best thing about this, as far as I can tell, many or most of them (all of them?) have been written in 2006.

    Not only that, most of them seem to be very "relevant" to the type of things that someone would be interested in actually using, versus some past QuakeC tutorials and libraries with a bulk of low quality content.

    They are very well written, as well.

    If you want to learn or experiment with QuakeC, this is a great resource.

    An additional resource is the Quake Navigator which can help you find source codes, compilers and other useful tools/info.

    More Help?

    If you are learning QuakeC or have a tough QuakeC question, irc:// -- known as #qc -- is where most of the Inside3D participants hang out.

    If you don't have IRC, get Mirc.
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    They're not all written in 2006, no. They span back many years, since the creation of the site in 1996. I think they may have all been timestamped 2006 when Randy created the new site design and scripts.


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      Yeah, most of them are pretty ancient...