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    1st post has been updated with new items.

    9.) New torches
    I want to share 2 new torch models with you. Fire, flames and torches seem to attract quite a lot players. So I thought it is a good idea to have some new models to find the one that fits ones personal likings the most.
    The torches (because they are oriented) can be used with the Small Mod Compilation aka SMC v5.0 or newer.

    A hanging chain fire:


    A wall mounted fire:


    Maybe some people find these things useful...

    Best wishes,


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      Originally posted by Seven View Post
      Hello bfg666,

      I included everything that can be seen in the below clips into one single easy to use drag&drop file.
      You can select/deselect all of these effects:
      • weather effects
      • steam particles & sounds
      • water pipes & water particles
      • slime haze / bubbles
      • additional ambience sounds
      • grass / fern models
      • barrel models
      • broken computer sparks & particles
      • ...


      Dead link. Please reup. Thanks.


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        Hello LordValsary,

        Link is fixed.
        Thank you for your interest.

        Kind regards,


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          1st post has been updated with a new item.

          10.) Shalrath with idle animation
          The shalrath in original Quake has no idle animation. She uses her 1st walk/run frame for idling, which results in a moveless/stiff/static model. Some may not like this and want to see her breathing/moving when using the ring of shadows or walking through maps with the notarget cheat.

          I added an idle animation to the shalrath/vore model without the necessity of a QC change. So you do not need a mod or any other hack to have her animated idle animation.

          Can be used in all quake engines.

          Maybe some people find it useful...


          Best wishes,
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            I used only a zippyshare link for the animated shalrath which was down.
            Thanks for the heads up in the youtube comment.
            Reuploaded it to quaketastic.

            I noticed that all the screenshots and youtube previews didnt work anymore in the 1st post.
            Seems to be the case because of the new forum design.
            I fixed them as far as possible.

            Kind regards,


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              Hello Resurrected,

              Do you refer to this auto_closed thread ?

              If yes, then this is what you want I guess:
     - Hellknight and Knight incl. head replacement
              Hello, Seven! Unfortunally, your link to file share hosting is dead. Can you reupload your astonishing models of Knight and Hellknight? Thank you so much!


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                I just realized that Seven's Shalrath with idle frames crashes Mark V-WinQuake whenever the model pops into view. Opening the MDL with QuarK wouldn't work, either.
                Therefore, I exported the idle frames with QME (which worked, strangely enough) and reimported them into the original, unaltered shalrath.mdl. This fixed all the problems relating to the model (ingame crash + QuarK editing issues). I dunno which program Seven used to apply his edits, but apparently not all ports and apps like it.

                Download fixed Shalrath with idle anim by Seven (42 KB)

                Just found out that it's about the grouped frames for the idle animation which WinQuake does not like. Without that however, the entire hack doesn't work without editing QuakeC. Therefore, the entire fix attempt is apparently pointless.
                Last edited by NightFright; 08-02-2021, 04:28 AM.
                Authentic Models Pack
                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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                  Originally posted by Resurrected View Post

                  Hello, Seven! Unfortunally, your link to file share hosting is dead. Can you reupload your astonishing models of Knight and Hellknight? Thank you so much!
                  Is this the file you're looking for?

                  Fórum QuakeBrasil

                  Lots of Quake related stuff


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                    Originally posted by vegetous View Post

                    Is this the file you're looking for?

                    Exactly! Thank you so much, fellow!