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  • Contract......Reforged!

    Contract Revoked is a small episode released in 2002 by Kell consisting of 4 big maps (and a stard level). Maps are really well done, they're big, challenging, with tons of secrets (some hard to find), an eerie atmosphere (in pure Quake style) and with a great gameplay (try this on nightmare if you are a tough guy!)

    P.s: It works with Seven's SMC!!!


    see more screenshots at:
    Contract Revoked - Album on Imgur

    Download this gem and put all the archives in a folder called Contract, inside your main Quake folder (NOT id1)

    Quick launch Contract Revoked with this batch file. Put it in your Darkplaces folder

    Contract Revoked uses custom textures, textures that some years later were used as base textures for mod Quoth (Kell, author of the map is also author of Quoth indeed). Talisa made HD textures from other popular Quoth maps (Red777 by Kell and Conference of the shamblers by Scacky) and Contract Revoked uses textures used also for that maps. I've put a very small texture update to cover some missing textures in this release. Download all of them and unzip them in a folder called Textures, inside your id1 folder (in this way you have HD textures enabled for all mods that make use of this textures, instead of having a .pk3 in each mod folder, in this way you save HD space)

    HD Textures made by talisa

    Very small texture update made by me (used Talisa Textures and changed name to match Contract Revoked texture names)

    Realtime lights to enhance visual: These Rtlights don't require Rtworld enabled to work. This choice was made because also people with a non powerful PC can play without an excessive FPS drop, so only the essentials lights are present (torches, lava glow, lamps etc..) while skies and other areas are not. If you feel your PC is a monster and can run these in Rtworld, then enable Rtworld and raise lightmaps valor to at least 0.500 (otherwise areas are too dark and you don't see nothing)

    Seven's DP Pretty Water for Contract Revoked HD, I've changed texture name in script to match the name used inside Contract Revoked to enable pretty water in game.
    I didn't touch anything else. All credits go to Seven (original readme included in the archive)

    Contract Revoked uses blood as liquid. Download DP Pretty Blood and put it inside your main id1 folder (this to enable blood for all maps and mods who uses this, not only Contract Revoked)

    Contract Revoked make use of light orbs, luckily Talisa was so kind to make an HD version of them to be used in her Quoth releases. Since these orbs are used in many other releases beside Contract Revoked and Quoth, put them in your main id1folder to have them enabled always while you play other maps/mods.

    Kell: For this beautiful map set
    Seven: DP Pretty Water and his beautiful Small mod compilation
    Talisa: HD Textures and light orbs
    Webangel: DP Pretty Blood
    Make Quake Great Again