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jakub's RT lights experiment

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  • Syluxguy28O3
    man i wish i had found this sooner! the design was spot on and the entertainment value was great! imo the dialogue was a nice touch.

    those new lights look fantastic! good job!

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  • Pringles Man
    I came back here from my sadly awfully busy life to find this, and I must say that I was BLOWN away when I saw the levels. Not to mention the first thing I did was plugged this into Kleshik. The level geometry here is so perfect and oldschool. I LOVE this. Your efforts to HDify this have not been in vain, and I salute you for digging this up and having a go at it!!! I will try my best to get a detailed review out for you like I have done for other RTlights modders, but until mid-December you guys won't be seeing very much of me sadly : (. I have the AoP sound overhaul done to contribute to Blood's mod, but I'm still not ready to release it yet and not to mention I have an HD projectile for the LG prototype created and fully operational as well. I really wanna get this stuff out there, but for now you'll have to wait a bit, sorry people.

    And Blood, I guess you can release the prototype sound pack I sent you for now as a placeholder. No point in keeping people waiting this damn long.

    Anyways, that was a long tangent that shouldn't have gone here probably. Great work, like I said. I'll try to get some feedback before mid December if it mean anything, lol.

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  • gdiddy62

    Excellent work!!

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  • Blood Vengeance
    I like a lot the color schemes you've used for those lights, there's always something new to learn

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  • nahuel
    awesome work!

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  • Blood Vengeance
    Wow, it looks beautiful. I remember this map: it was included in a PC gamer magazine here in Italy many years ago, almost forgot about it. Screenshots looks very promising, I have to play it. So much time it's passed I don't remember nothing about it, except for the shambler challenge at the start, time to refresh my memory by playing it in a new light

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  • jakub1
    started a topic jakub's RT lights experiment

    jakub's RT lights experiment

    hi there,

    i wanted to contribute to the quake community somehow and this is the result so far. i don't know how many of you here knows Tale of Abbot's Rune, but it's one of my favorite level packs. it contains two medium sized levels + small start map and for me those levels represent the true nature of quake - they are unique, they are weird and they are brutal. the very first enemy you encounter is shambler and then another two of them. it's not for the faint of heart.

    Tale of Abbot's Rune is an oldschool gem. it was created back in 98 and unfortunately there are no other levels made by it's creator. it uses standard quake texture set so hi-res textures have been available for a long time. i used this map pack as a kind of testing ground - i wanted to learn how to use rt light editor, how to make cubemaps and how to edit levels via ent files. this is the result. maybe somebody will be interested in it.

    changes i've made:

    - levels are set in the underground mostly, but they feature some surface sections. i've never liked those parts and they didn't work quite well with the rt lights. so i've made pitch-dark skybox and altered the ent files so that now all the levels load it automatically.

    - levels contain small water areas so i've included revised versions.

    - i wanted to avoid having lights without actual light source so i added some torches here and there. via ent files.

    - the final section of the last level doesn't work quite well with darkplaces engine. it is possible to finish the level, but the rune doesn't spawn where is supposed to so i've changed the final area a little. try the original version if you wanna see the difference.

    - i added some new particle effects, particle flame torches mostly + some extra fancy stuff.

    some of the changes i've made have a consequence - unlike the original version this release needs custom progs.dat. you have two choices. if you use smc then copy maps, cubemaps and gfx directories into id1 and start the leves as usually. seven has already included all the necessary qc changes into smc progs dat.

    if you don't wanna use smc than put the whole abbot directory in quake installation and use it as any other mod - start the the map pack with console command -game abbot +map sgodrune. the included custom progs.dat enables particle based torches as well as usage of the additional models and particle effects stated in ent files.

    in both cases you need to add the new effects from new_effect.txt into the effectinfo.txt in id1 directory

    qc needed for basic particle flame torches is taken from seven's smc source code.
    qc needed for additional particle effects is also taken from seven's smc source code.
    qc needed for additional model support was written by nahuel.

    and finally pictures:


    update january 4th 2016 - small collection of small fixes

    i've made a couple of small darkplaces-only fixes for various levels. maybe somebody will find them useful. it has nothing to do with rtlights this time, but i didn't want to start another thread and i don't know whether it is possible to change the thread name. however, there will be a proper rtlights related news soon.

    I. nahuel taught us how to fix transparent texture bug so i've made a patch for rubicon rumble pack. say goodbye to the pink textures.

    II. there is a broken lift in the 1st level of coven of ebony. it's not a gamebreaker, but i guess nobody likes independent lifts that arbitrarily leave their positions. lifts shouldn't do that. :-)

    III. and here we are again with the lift issue, only this time it is a real gamebreaker. one lift in frying obstacle is simply too far away. well.. you can always use noclip to get to the other side of the lava pool, but the true quakers don't use cheats, right?

    rubicon rumble pack / coven of ebony / frying obstacle

    update 1.1
    ericw told me how to get rid of the pink fringes on the transparent textures for rubicon rumble pack that are still visible on the first before/after screenshot. download link leads to the updated file. zip file also contains brief readme.

    update january 17th 2016 - nehahra RTlights

    it took much longer than i have originally expected, but nehahra rtlights are finally ready. unlike in previous release, this time i didn't touch the source code for the extra models or particle effects. there are two reasons for that:

    1 - i didn't have to add any additional torch/fire model because there were always enough existing light sources,

    2 - even if i wanted, i simply couldn't because nehahra source code is not exactly pure QC. i tried to implement the necessary code needed for the external models and particle entities compatibility, but i failed. luckily, i didn't need them at all.

    what does this release contain:

    * rtlights for all nehahra levels, both playable and cinematic /not for seal of nehahra/

    * ent files for some minor changes, e.g. fog tweaks in some levels, i disabled the particle effect surrounding the start areas in some levels because they look really strange with particle font from smc etc... small things like that, no gameplay changes

    * i modified barrel.mdl. in original nehahra barrels emit green light and it really doesn't work well with realtime lights, especially when there are more barrels together in one place. edited version doesn't emit any light at all. if you wanna those green glowing ugly things back just delete barrel.mdl from progs folder inside pk3 file.

    * some of the nehahra levels from quaddicted link above don't support transparent water. i added the revised versions of said levels into maps folder and you can replace the original ones inside nehahra pak2.pak file. revised levels are - neh1m4, neh1m6, neh1m7, neh1m8, neh2m5. neh2m6. however, nehahra works in mysterious ways, even if level supports transparent water, i always had to re-adjust transparency level in menu after loading each map. it was annoying so i added the transparency settings into the entfiles.

    * i addedd my autoexec and config files. the overall result depends heavily on your gamma/brightness setting so... you can look inside those files and check my settings. i also use quite low brightness/contrast settings on my lcd so if you find the rtlights too bright or washed-out, lower your gamma even more.

    some pictures

    some download

    enjoy and see you next time with the nehahra addon the tides of war.

    update february 17th 2016 - cataractnacon transparent textures fix for dp engine

    helo, i've made another of those small fixes. this time it's for two level pack cataractnacon. all this fix does is making transparent textures used in both maps compatible with dp engine. brief readme included inside zip file.


    update october 23rd 2017 - RTlights for quoth level dorghael arhlannen

    after a long inactivity i have something to share. instal instruction inside pk3 file.

    download RTlights from quaketastic
    download dorghael arhlannen from quaddicted


    update October 4th 2017 - RTlights for quoth level I Pity Thee Not

    i finished another RTlights for another quaoth level - this time I Pity Thee Not by Kell. readme inside pk3 file. love or hate :-)

    ok... clickable pictures seems to be broken so here and here are direct links.

    download rtlights from quaketastic
    download I Pity Thee Not from quaddicted

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