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  • Radiant_TyrUtils_0.15.4

    Bleeding edge update to my TyrUtils/Radiant mapping combo. Everything is up to date and drop-n-go as always. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE READ_ME. You aren't going to even get off the ground if you don't.


    if you want to stay up to date with the latest TyrUtils releases you can do that here
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    Oh man, this new TyrUtils is the shit. I was getting a lot of weird light values from the 15.0 version. I opened my map and compiled with the 15.4 version and the lights looked how I expected them to. Some were too low, which is what I expected cause the last version I had to drop them to almost nothing to get them to stop being too bright. I don't know what he did to his code but, I love this version.

    I'm using nothing but _surface lights and I figured out a good way to manage them. Stick them all in one spot and give each one a targetname like light_textureName. Then you can open up the entity LIST (ie not inspector) and instead of seeing light, light, light, light... you'll see ex: light_tlight11, light_tlight01, etc. The list is alphabetical so prepending light_ to each targetname keeps them all together. If you click one in the entiy LIST then open the entity inspector, that light populates the inspector, ready for you to tweak values. No trying to navigate to each light in one of the views and click each one til you get the one you want.

    This just keeps getting easier and easier.

    This compiler is also fast as lightening. So fast I thought I had a leak, but I don't.

    I also notice I was able to get rid of my ground lights and treat light sources like a real light that just does it's job. You have to play with wait and delay a bit but, it's easy enough to find the values you need. I'm sure pro maps might have issues where it isn't this simple but, for my current needs, I stick my light prefab somewhere and voila, there is the light that you would expect such a source to have. Here is an example of light sources simply doing their job.

    Every light texture you see in this image is creating the lighting. There are NO extra lights. Depending on how you look at it, there are straight up no lights at all. It's a little washed out but, that's because I'm still trying to get the best values. I think I need to crank up the overhead lights a little bit and drop my minlight. That should give me a better contrast. maybe up my delay on the overheads just a hair.

    look at my map source:

    That little clusterfuck of green at the top are all of my lights but, not one of them is putting out any light. They are "assigners", telling a specific texture to emit the values that I typed in.

    One last thing:

    If you saw in the thread I started regarding this map. I pointed out the part in the below image and explained how I made some compromise because lining the texture up was practically impossible. That was because that's what I thought happened (I started this map a long time ago). That's not what happened. I made it perfect just like you see in the pic below. TyrUtils 0.15.0 was fucking with my texture rotations. The update doesn't seem to be doing that.

    From my other thread. Exact same spot but before updating.

    daaaang. I have the light almost identical and since the update I have changed every value... a lot.
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