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Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Engine + MOD Compilation [Sony PSP]

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  • Originally posted by Mugwump View Post
    Nickelbawker If you're still around and want to play Quake on your Android, I believe there's an Android version of FTE. No need of a PSP emu!
    Ooops. I actually own Beloko's Quake through amazon but yeah there are cheaper ones too. I think beloko just has more artistic touch buttons for it. I might start playing it on my phone not sure yet. Much prefer emulation on android overall android games suck accept for Heathstone and magic because they're improved by touch. It's a pretty good version I've had it for several years. It runs some version of DP. It runs QRP textures pretty good and SMC I think but can't handle Normals. I'll have to try it in VR soon I've really been wanting to haven't used my Xperia in VR it's a lot higher res than the phone I used to VR with.