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    I rewrote, organized, formatted, completed and corrected the entire "HD Textures For Sp Maps" original post. I kept the document very simple. It's just an html file with titles and links. I did this to preserve the largest and most participatory thread on NextGenQuake in foresight of it's November 11th deactivation. Many people spent many hours creating and contributing textures to be included. More many's of hours () were spent updating posts with new data and at one point even manually moving all of the information from one site to another (here to NGQ). I wanted to make sure none of that has to be done again (ever).

    Anyone/Everyone is welcome to use and/or change my document as they see fit within all the rights that I have to allow you with. In other words you probably can't change the document into a "store" and sell a bunch of other people's work. I can't give you that kind of permission. You can do a quick restyle and uploaded it to your own site as a free content list, though. I wrote it with an html4 and css2 approach. I originally intended to convert it to a pdf and all of the pdf stuff I use tends to prefer older html/css. In other words it was a choice, not a deficiency. I also didn't try to make the css very good. It's quick and dirty to get a simple formatting job done. At one point I didn't intend to format it, at all.

    edit:I updated the document ~ more info, a little styling, 2 corrections and some clean up

    QHD Textures List
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    That's quite a resource.
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      I updated the file again. It now includes links to images and galleries that showcase the HD textures. I also did some clean up and restyling. I didn't embed the images in the document because it's too much bullshit. I also didn't want the document to take a long time to load or start looking like an inconsistent image wall. Having a simple link puts the info in the user's hands if they want it without fundamentally changing the flow and weight of the document. There are hundreds of overall images because most of the links point to galleries.

      F.Y.I there are 90 texture packs linked in the document and a couple/few of them work with a number of other maps/episodes

      I have been using the Google Drive "manage version" feature to make all of my updates so, the original link always points to the newest file. I think I am done though. I have links to all available maps/episodes, texture packs, updates/add-ons (if any) and image/galleries (if any) with proper attribution to the map author and the texture pack/add-on/update author. There's nothing else to include (probably).

      Oh also, hidden in the code for every entry in the document is 90% of a quaddicted link. The idea being if Spirit mirrored any of these files all that has to be done is for the "after quaddicted" part of the url to be pasted in the proper spot and then simply remove the "gyp_hide" class from the link. The entire document is primed for quaddicted mirror links (and always was from the beginning)

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        I added this post as a news item on the Quake Mapping Discord.
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          dumptruck_ds Thanks.
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            * accordion panel layout
            * lazy background slideshow
            * includes a templates file (in assets folder) to easily copy/paste new sections and entries
            * upgraded html and css

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              Hey, MadGypsy! Thank you for putting this list together and making it easy to use!

              I know it has been 3 years, but many of the download links, both on Mediafire and Google Drive, are not working anymore, i.e. the files are not available. Would it be possible to fix them up or is it something out of the question currently?

              Regardless, thanks again, and have a good one!