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    Revision 6 has been released. Download link in OP.

    - Nextthink fixes are back without breaking HIP1M4
    - Swimming up with +jump is now (almost) as fast as +forward and looking up
    - Autoaiming no longer reset after loading new map

    As for the ent fixes, I have made a special quakespasm.pak replacement for Quakespasm only, containing ent fixes for Quake vanilla and Enhanced which will ONLY load with maps from those two editions. Even the wrong music tracks in E4Mx maps from Enhanced have been corrected. However, I cannot put these in a project like this since it works with checksums, a feature currently only supported by latest (!) Quakespasm, Quakespasm-Spiked and vkQuake builds. I have presented my fixes to the Quakespasm team already for review. It's possible they will eventually implement them into the official release so you would have map fixes + z-fighting issues resolved in ID1/SoA/DoE.
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      Thanks for the tip, will add to autoexec. That will help with the ent issue for sure.

      I do worry about other /id1 elements perhaps conflicting with mods. Sounds like there's no way to exclude an /id1 .pak entirely without just breaking its filename extension, huh (the .bat file rename trick).


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        Hello Alexandra,

        First of all, putting a start.ent file into an id1 mod is not the best idea.
        As you already said, lots of fan made episodes also use a start map.

        You already learned how to ignore .ent files.
        But what if your mod also uses .ent files ?
        Then you need to create a matching start.ent file to the start map of your mod.
        And you can remove the sv_entpatch line again.
        Here are instructions of how to proceed.

        By the way,
        Did you know, by starting regular Quake, you are using: -game id1 ?
        With that knowledge, you can now setup your Quake to do, as you explained:
        Use id1 replacements without the necessity to have it in other mods as well.
        Using multiple -game arguments is possible.

        Leaving your id1 as clean as possible is always a good idea.

        Enjoy your Quake.

        Best wishes,


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          An idea would be to split off the ent patches into a separate pak file so you can ditch them more easily if you have to, at least for the id1 folder. It's still not an ideal solution.
          You could also simply remove that start.ent from the mod. After all, it addresses an issue that most likely no player will ever encounter. In return, it would fix many issues if it just wasn't there. Maybe I'll even do that for the next release, provided there will be another.

          (BTW: Also considering to remove the Vore with idle animation again. It wouldn't work with WinQuake without code modifications and model edits since framegroups don't work there, and for that rather minor improvement it's hardly worth it. Might also cause trouble if you have a mod with a Vore model replacement, but no custom progs.dat coming with it.)

          But yeah, there's always the option to extract the ent from start.bsp of the mod and place it in the mod subdir, inside of a "maps" folder. Or, if your port doesn't work like that, put the whole thing into its own pak and load it last. It would then override start.ent from id1.

          That's why it's so great Quakespasm ports introduced checksums for ent files now. Hopefully, more ports will adopt this feature since it allows you to gather countless ent patches for different maps within the same pak/pk3, without conflicts. Vanilla and Enhanced patches can peacefully coexist, how cool is that?
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            If anybody is able to do some quick ingame tests for SoA/DoE... I have implemented a few more updates from URQP into the mission pack progs.dat files and would like to know if everything still works as intended. Won't post it here, but either write here or via PM whether you want to take a look.
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            OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
            LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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              Revision 7 has been released. Download link in OP.

              - Progs.dat fixes for ID1 rewritten entirely (based on Preach's cleaned QuakeC 1.06 source), with essential fixes included only (-40KB compiled code compared to previous versions)
              - Removed start.ent to avoid conflicts with start.bsp used in many other mods
              - More vital fixes for SoA and DoE (smooth plat movement which improves cart rides e.g. in HIP3M1 or R1M4, improved weapon switching, walkframe leak fix...)

              - Even though the ID1 progs.dat now does NOT include the full extent of the URQP fixes any longer, you can rest assured it still contains all fixes necessary for a good singleplayer and multiplayer experience.
              - You should now not have problems any more with addons that come with their own start map (if named start.bsp).
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              Authentic Models Pack
              OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
              LIT/VIS files for Quake addons