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Quake Enhanced compatibility patch for Quakespasm spiked

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  • Quake Enhanced compatibility patch for Quakespasm spiked

    Guess who's back (well, nobody cares to be honest ) Well, I've made a small compatibility patch that can run Quake enhanced content (except models since they are in a different format: md5 instead of .mdl) on Quakespasm Spiked (except for Dimensions of the machine, it simply doesn't run on Quakespasm at the moment while new version of Dimensions of the Past works perfectly, played at 100%, including secret levels). I've simply edited the .ent files and fixed the messages (since Quake Enhanced has localization) to allowing the content to be played on Quakespasm Spiked (Doesn't work on standard Quakespasm or VKQuakespasm) all messages are messed up/errors....I've fixed that so yo can enjoy it in a source port. By reading the authentic model improvement thread I've read that you can distribute assets from Quake Enhanced as long as you include the licence (Which I've done) so this should be a legit thing (if not I'll delete it)

    SOME PREVIEW (it uses authentic model improvement)

    If you encounter some issues/messages error let me know
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