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  • - OSJC's 'enhanced' quake1 model conversions pack v1 -

    what is this?

    well it cant have escaped you're notice that id/bethesda have rereleased quake featuring a new engine and some new 'enhanced' models.
    a concept that shares a sneaky and suspicious resemblance to another project I'm rather familiar with:
    (get the latest official version of the AMQ here:

    all the new models are md5 format. making them engine specific.
    This simply wouldn't do, "quakespasm users want in on this", says I, so I decided (after some proof of concept by seven and and some handily donated md5's from nightfright) that I would convert all the md5's into mdl's so they can be used in more engines!

    anyway heres a pic of some of the new models and new skins:

    becuase I know you folks want pics before hitting that big juicy download button...

    here is ht readme for more info:

    - OSJC's 'enhanced' quake1 model conversions pack v1 -

    within this pack are a collection of models from the new "quake remastered" enhanced model pack.
    the pack includes all the new monsters and weapons from the pack, but reconfigured from md5 to mdl, making them useable in other engines such as quakespasm (tested and confirmed)

    to run this in quakespasm, copy the 'enhanced' folder into your quakespasm folder.
    load quakespasm.
    type 'game enhanced' into the console
    start an new game and enjoy!

    if the enhanced models wern't enough for you, there are even extras that quake remastered team doesnt have yet!:

    the ogre now also features his DOE mission pack skin. (I 'ported' the mp2 one onto the new model as skin1. believe me that sounds a lot easier than it turned out to be)

    there are now headgibs for many of the new monsters.
    most were made by me, cutting the head from the new model and then configuring it as a gib (blood flag position scale etc...)
    more often than not, I've also made new skins for these, using art from the original id1 models they are to replace.
    by combining the work I did to create these models with the bloodied neck stumps from their original id1 model counterparts, these head models have been significantly upgraded!

    the following models are made by simon o callahan (AKA Sock) and come from his Arcane Dimension mod:

    these two are used as they are as close to the new monster models they represent and still as authentic as possible to the original headgib models they replace
    while I was at it I've also used the h_guard head to make a player head with its own skin...
    the ogre head is merged with the enhance model's head for those nice teeth details

    the dog headgib is by capnbubs, who is the original creator of the dog, soldier, player and ogre to name a few...

    the fiend headgib is a chillo's model with a customized skin to make it match.

    there are two versions of chthon in this mod.
    there is a reason.
    many quakespasm users use .lit files to give the maps fancy coloured lighting.
    the issue comes on e1m7 when the fullbright pixels on chthon's skin badly interact with the coloured lighting eminating from his lavapool.
    as such I created an alternate skin, with no fullbright pixels to prevent such issues and stuck it in its own pack (pak1.pak)
    however, if you dont use the coloured lighting or don't care about the visual clash it creates, simply delete pak1.pak from the enhanced folder.
    this'll fix it...

    **second note**
    Full Mission pack support is not complete yet.
    so far there are new skins for the tarbaby and ogre (+ head) for doe, made by me.
    Alternate weapon skins for doe's multi and lava weapons. (courtesy of trickle's md5's)
    will update as new models/skins surface...


    OSJC 2021
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    Beautiful work!
    Make Quake Great Again


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      Fórum QuakeBrasil

      Lots of Quake related stuff


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        The Enforcer head (h_mega) still seems to have all the animations from the full Enforcer model.
        It also looks like most, if not all models are aligned too low on the z-axis, which is probably why they clip into the floor in Kex.

        Example: The Scrag (wizard) needs all its frames moved up by +46 units on the z-axis.
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          Re. The h_mega, Oops. Will fix that.

          As for floor clipping. Doesn't happen in quakespasm with these converted models so as far as this project goes is ok...


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            I think in general, most ports automatically place models on the ground. Kex apparently doesn't, which is why these misalignments on the z-axis matter there.
            Authentic Models Pack
            OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
            LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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              just re-uploaded to fix the stray animation frames still h_mega and, it turns out, the h_knight had the same issue. all fixed.
              as for the z axis? Im not bothering with this as yet on this project. it works fine in quakespasm and that was the intent.
              but, I've not tested in other engines* like markV, qrack and darkplaces so I'll leave that to you guys to report any bugs that occur in those...
              but bear in mind that I'm a quakespasm exclusive user so some fixes may or may not be possible by me as I have no means of testing in other engines...

              *kex bug reports not of interest to me yet as it seems riddled with errors and I have the sneaky suspiscion it will either get changed or abandonned real soon...
              anyway, the whole point of htis project is for other engine users to make use of the models. if you're a kex user then you can just use the original md5's anyhow...
              makes me wonder... does darkplaces support md5..?


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                I don't think DP supports MD5. It's a format introduced in Doom 3. While DP was updated until approx. 2018 and could have adapted the format, it apparently ended with Quake 3 (md3). At least I can't see anything about MD5 in the DP readme.
                Authentic Models Pack
                OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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                  NightFright thanks. good to know for the future...

                  Some of you may or may not remember that bloodshot once did a model of the fiend and it had full-bright glowing eyes.
                  I rather liked this effect and as such have made a skin with the same feature for the new model:

                  the observant among you will also noticed that Ive used chillo's h_demon.mdl and reskinned it to match the new (and to the same extent the original) demon model.
                  the headgib can now be found in the main pack but ive included it here too for those who either already have that and/or are just after the glowy eyed fiend...


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                    new h_mega model.

                    made by blending the original h_mega and the new enforcer head together... much better...

                    get on its own here:

                    or get it from the main file link on the opening post...
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                      same treatment for h_hellkn
                      merging the new with the old one's neck-stump.

                      again, it is in the main file but for those just stopping by:


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                        also h_zombie:

                        as above, merging the new with the old one's neck-stump.

                        again, it is in the main file but for those just stopping by:


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                          and of course h_shal


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                            and the shambler...

                            which, ironically, being the last one to be done, was probably one of the ones most needing a new headgib!

                            phew, busy morning...

                            the main pack now includes a fixed version of the h_knight head too. simply closing off the bottom of the model, where it was cut off of the knight body.
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                              well I'd be lying if I said I hadn't forgot this one because I did...

                              proper scrag headgib model and skin...