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    Any chance we could get versions with the mission pack skins as well?


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      the ogre has his doe skin.
      theres also this tarbaby skin with its doe counterparts added:
      if you want more mp skins, go check out the AMQ... there's doe skins for chillo/luneran's models for the knights.

      But no, I've no intention of doing any more of those...
      If suitable third-party ones surface they will, of course be added but I will not be making them myself...

      unlike the ogre, altering the skins on the hellknight and knight models from the 'enhanced' pack is a bitch... the models are cut to bits on the skins. perhaps with the intention of making alteration by a third party more difficult... perhaps not.
      altering the chthon to be a lavaman is a similar cowson. I'd never be able to get the lava texture alligned right, I can tell you just by looking at it.
      plus his face would be a mess as this model has modelled on 3d teeth that would get in the way of the lavaman face...
      so, as far as I'm concerned its beyond my skill and level of interest at present. I'm not a huge fan of the MP's in fact Ive never played DOE and having watched a playthrough I dont think I'm missing out on much. did enjoy SOA when it came out back in the day but it isnt really worth a replay IMHO. feels more like a poor substitute for zerstorer, now that Ive played many times...

      anyway, back on topic, I have been at this on/off for three days now and really fancy a break from it.

      anyone can feel free to add to this project if they wish...
      its no more than what I did in the authentic models thread.
      thats what the forum is here for afterall.
      share and share alike.

      come up with something good enough and I'll put it in the pack...
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        The Func guys pointed out some issues with the conversions. It has to do with interpolation and only looks right if interpolation is turned off.

        - Muzzleflash of the Enforcer when firing is off. It's not where it should be. Can confirm this for the AMQ model we use.
        - GL muzzleflash seems to have different textures on each side
        - Knight kneel animation has wrong height (issue inherited from original model)
        Authentic Models Pack
        OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
        LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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          those fucking guys and thier bloody nitpicking...

          dont use interpolation. there fixed...

          AFAIK That has absolutely sweet FA to do with anything I've done to the models.
          its just how they are built.
          The program I've used simply converts them from md5 to mdl. I have no control over how it does it.
          Also, Its is not a hack not to use Interpolation. it comes off in standard in quakespasm and was never in the orginal quake. its an option. one that came with glquake first, I believe. it is of no interest to me as I dont use it and would have no idea what even is causing it.
          If anything its a hack to have it on. doing so mbreaks the id1 v_nail model's muzzleflash for example.

          if you're that bothered by it in quakespam type r_lerpmodels 1 intot he console.
          bam fixed...


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            These new models just reminded me how terrifying Quake monsters are; just imagine if these were the actual models released back in 1996! I remember back then how disturbing it was looking up close at the (now quite outdated) Shalrath model and noticing how the thing has its face and extremities bathed in blood, not to mention it being a hideous spider abomination. Shamblers seem to have that huge maw and other body parts covered in blood too, as if they've just had some poor sod for a morsel; Spawns are just as creepy as they were then.